Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC with V6 diesel engine

Driving report Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC

With V6 diesel, the X-Class becomes a real Benz from the Nissan clone

Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC with V6 diesel engine-350d

Press Inform / Mercedes / Dirk Weyhenmeyer
Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC: icing on the cake

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So far, the Mercedes X-Class has been a Nissan Navara in Teutonic robe. Now Mercedes grabs the proven V6 diesel under the bonnet and combines it with the in -house seven -speed automatic and permanent all -wheel drive – with success.

Cooperations at automobile manufacturers are such a thing. While business economists are rubbing their hands due to the equal parts, the marketing experts often get swimming. How should you explain an additional cost if the car is technically largely identical. That is exactly the dilemma of the Mercedes X-Class. Because even in the Swabian pickup, the technology from the Nissan Navara is still there despite the star-compliant shell. This started on the drive train with the four-cylinder diesel and ended in the chassis, which, like the Japanese platform, did not cope well with short-succeed cross joints. "Wait for the version with the six-cylinder diesel", It was said again and again. Now the top version is there and exactly these construction sites have now tackled the Swabian engineers and thus clearly the X-Class "Mercedes-Eiger" made.

More Mercedes in the X-Class: Long-promised V6 diesel comes

The heart of the transformation is the V6 diesel with 190 kW / 258 hp and a maximum torque of 550 Newton meters, which is available at 1400 rpm. In conjunction with the Mercedes Seven-speed automatic, this gearbox breathes significantly more longitudinal dynamics to the star pickup than the tired four-cylinder diesel in combination with the automatic, which was available at the market launch.

Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC with V6 diesel engine-350d
Press Inform / Mercedes / Dirk Weyhenmeyer The Mercedes X 350 D 4 Matic is on the market in July

In particular, the breathing space when accelerating is eliminated. After 7.5 seconds, the 2285 kilogram platform truck reaches country road pace and at 205 km/h the Daimler technicians put an abrupt end to the forward gallop. "This is a suitable maximum speed for the X-Class", explains developer Frany Schumacher.

Blice ice – well and? VW’s all-weather SUV in the test

Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC with V6 diesel engine-4matic

Site Blice ice – well and? VW’s all-weather SUV in the test

In sports driving mode, the interaction between the drive and circuit works the most harmonious and the slight injection weakness is best concealed. The ECO and Comfort programs are suitable for relaxed motorway trips, while off-road away is the right choice away from paved roads. When asked why you did not pack the more modern Mercedes-in-line six-cylinder diesel under the bonnet, product manager Karolin Trageser replies: "You can’t bring all new engines into all model series at the same time. In addition, the V6 diesel is a robust engine that can also be used in markets with not so high-quality fuel quality. The four-cylinder diesel is the volume model in some markets, now the icing on the cake comes." Find out how much your used car is worth:

Thanks to the permanent all-wheel drive, which is designed with a power distribution of 40:60 (front / rear) and ensures a good traction, the X-Class can also be moved a bit brisk on asphalt and gravel. The optional differential lock on the rear axle, a variable -controllable longitudinal differential lock or the electromechanical lamella coupling and the subsidies for the heavy terrain. There are slope up to 45 degrees and 60 centimeters deep mud holes lose their horrors. If you could adjust the steering column lengthways, the seating position would also be a touch better, but that is hardly significant in everyday life. But very much that the seats offer little lateral support and a slightly short leg edition. A real profit is the fact that the reduction can be activated up to a speed of 40 km/h, and the off-road fans do not have to stop.

When SUV screams in the mud in the mud, this pickup continues easily

Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC with V6 diesel engine-4matic

Site When SUV screams in the mud in the mud, this pickup continues easily

The improvement compared to the four -cylinder models is also noticeable in the chassis. Even without an adaptive damper, which is not available as an option, the X-Class 350D quickly swallows successive cross joints more confidently than the small brothers. The demanding task from the springs and dampers is an egg -laying wool milk sow, which can cope on both asphalt roads and on gravel paths relationship meadow in the area, the engineers have solved well. The X-Class is also suitable for longer distances and does not let the driver down on gravel roads.

Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC with V6 diesel engine-engine
Daimler The X-Class is a kind of insider tip among the terrain vehicles

Image change: From the cargo is to the lifestyle vehicle

The interior does not differ from that of the four-cylinder X-Class. The technology of the infotainment comes from the group shelf and corresponds to the somewhat aging Comand system including the rotary knob and the tablet-like screen in the dashboard. With this proven technology, some assistance systems also come into the car: the top model has an active track keeping assistant, plus the helper, such as a traffic sign assistant and a 360 degree camera. The LED headlights are really helpful, but this also shows that the X-Class is not a pure load, but also lifestyle vehicle. This is also reflected in the price: the Mercedes X 350D 4 Matic costs at least 53.360 euros.

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Type Mercedes X 350D 4MATIC
engine V6 diesel turbo
Displacement (cm3) 2987
Performance in PS (KW) at U/Min-1 258 (190) at 3400
Max. Torque (nm) at UMin-1 550 Nm at 1400 rpm
Speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.))) 7.5
transmission Seven -speed automatic
drive Permanent all -wheel drive
Fuel diesel
Length (mm) 5340
width (mm) 1920
Height (mm) 1819
Weight, manufacturer-
Specification (KG)
Max. Payload (kg) 965
Price (euro) 53.360.00 €
Exhaust gas standard Euro 6

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