Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures

Mercedes X-Class from 37.294 euros

Too well-behaved? The Mercedes pickup needs an AMG version

Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures-prices

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Mercedes X-Class 2018: Mister X

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann (Cape Town)

A pickup from Mercedes! This show car hit like a bomb. Now there is the series version – and it turns out a little more subtle. Site shows the Sternen Kraxler in detail and in the first video.

Well, how does that sound: X 63 AMG! A pickup with a V8 engine, 600 hp, thick slaps and nappa leather in the interior. With ram bracket on the front, matt black paint and loading compartment cover. Quasi the ultimate breeding broken for everyone who has become a Mercedes G-model.

The technology of the new X-Class

Who knows-maybe the Mercedes X-Class will really exist sooner or later as an AMG version. First of all, the Swabians presented their normal series model with a four-cylinder diesel. A six-cylinder diesel also follows. Not exactly a suitable time in terms of image in view of the current million recalls – but a pickup without a dieseling makes little sense. In November the brand’s first all-wheel drive pickup will be launched on the market.

Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures-mercedes
Mercedes Mercedes X-Class

These are the technical data:

  • Length: 5.34 meters
  • About two tons of empty weight
  • Power load 1.1 tons
  • Space for a euro pallet
  • Double cabin with four doors, space for five people
  • Engines: X 200d (2.3-liter four-cylinder diesel engine with 163 hp), X 250d (Four-cylinder diesel engine with 190 hp and 450 Newton meters of torque)
  • It follows the X 350d With 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine, 258 hp and 620 Newton meters of torque
  • There is also that X 200 With a 122 kW / 165 hp turbo gasoline engineer
  • Six-speed manual circuit, optional seven-speed automatic transmission
  • Subsible all-wheel drive (Nissan system with rear wheel drive, front axle can be switchable) in the four-cylinder models, permanent all-wheel drive 4MATIC at the V6
  • Reduction and central differential lock (optional)
  • Ladder frame chassis, multi-steering axis with screw springs on the rear axle
  • Depending on the model of up to 22 centimeters of ground clearance, 50 degrees side tendency and 45 degrees climbing ability
  • There is a reversing camera for an additional charge and even-unusual in the pickup segment-park sensors on the front and rear
  • Price: from 37.294 euros for the X 200d
  • Three versions of equipment: "Pure", "Progressive" and "Power"

Technology transfer from Nissan Navara

As far as the technology. But what was actually left of the first study of the car? The sparrows whistled from the roofs early on: the long -announced pickup from Mercedes is technically a Nissan Navara.

Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures-test
Mercedes Mercedes X-Class

This is how it is common in the commercial vehicle industry. You share the development costs for the rather small pickup market or buy existing models. This is what happened with the Fiat Fullback, which is actually a Mitsubishi L200. Or just with the X-Class from Mercedes. Renault also gets his load in the Renault-Nissan-Daimler Alliance-the Renault Alaskan.

The X-Class in the first video

All data and information: Mercedes pickup in the first video check

Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures-prices

Site/Wochit All data and information: Mercedes pickup in the first video check

But when the X-Class was shown as a show car for the first time, the AutoTelt held its breath. What a crusher! A real announcement, almost the continuation of the G-model by other means. What remains of it in the series version?

Like a GLS with loading area

A little less at least than at the Show Car. Visually, the X-Class differs significantly from the Nissan Navara (you can find a practical test of the car here). The front with the typical Mercedes grill makes the pickup act like a GLS with a loading area. No comparison to the edge-strict look of the Nissan. But the aggressive throat of the X-Class Show Cars with the dramatically drawn headlights and the coarse off-road tires have not been saved into the series version.

King of Kiesgrube: Pickup Nissan Navara

Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures-test

Site King of Kiesgrube: Pickup Nissan Navara

The tuners will now rub their hands: the wish "Make my X-Class beefier and sharper" should soon be busy one or the other tuner. Or call the AMG’s in-house power department if the X-Class sales figure justify such models.The car also deserves an upgrading in the cockpit. There is the Mercedes-typical steering wheel, chic ventilation nozzles and a large central monitor including Daimler infotainment system. The latter is a real weakness for many other pickups, such as Fiat Fullback. But in the lower half of the X-class cockpit, the car really looks like a Nissan Navara copy. Exception: The central controller known from other Mercedes models for the infotainment system.

Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures-mercedes
Mercedes Cockpit of the Mercedes X-Class

Nevertheless, the X-Class has been a bit undecided so far. The right premium impression does not want to be set yet. But then why spend a lot of money on a vehicle with Nissan technology, just because the sheet metal dress and a few features from Mercedes come? There should be more in it-even when it comes to extras, interior atmosphere and driver assistance systems.

X-Class: New Mercedes pickup in the first check

Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures-data

Site/Wochit X-Class: New Mercedes pickup in the first check

X-Class does not come to the USA for now

Mercedes is also clear, but first the X-Class is a test balloon. The most important markets are Europe, South America and Australia. The United States will probably remain outside at first. Actually incomprehensible in the land of unlimited pickup options: When Mercedes showed his ML class in the second "Jurassic Park" film in 1997, plans for a pickup version of the SUV were in the drawer. But nothing becomes of the new X-Class even with the new X-Class. For many reasons:

  • On the one hand, the famous “Chicken Tax” (more about this read here) makes it difficult to export pickups to the USA. Mercedes would have to build the C-Class on site, which would be far too expensive. Instead, the car runs off the assembly line with Renault in Spain and later in Argentina.
  • On the other hand, the pickup is too small for US conditions. Ford F-1500, RAM 1500 or Chevrolet Colorado are significantly larger-and are not even among the full-size pickups in the USA. The Mercedes lacks everything for the US market: size, engine power, payload, loading area.
  • After all, the X-Class cannot compete with American pickups in terms of price. The prices there start at a little more than 20.000 dollars for basic models; Even top versions with all-wheel drive, full equipment and fat engines are around 50.$ $.

VW reacts with more luxury in the amarok

So it stays with markets in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. After all, with little competition, because apart from the Lastesel image, apart from the VW Amarok and maybe the Ford Ranger, no pickup manufacturer can free itself. VW takes the declaration of war from Stuttgart seriously: The Wolfsburg planning for the Amarok on time for the market launch of the X-Class, according to information from the industry, a clear product rating.The author traveled at the manufacturer’s invitation

Blice ice – well and? VW’s all-weather SUV in the test

Mercedes X-Class: test, data, prices, pictures-x-class

Site Blice ice – well and? VW’s all-weather SUV in the test

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    Hochgebirge lives if necessary. Such a vehicle – forester, hunter, alpine farmers (for the … would he be too expensive). But what such a vehicle has to look for in a big city does not really open up to me. Best with cow catchers in front, because of the plague of kangaroos in Hamburg…

  2. Hmmm
    Who needs something like that and for what? The thing is not useful as a family car or a van. There is no driving pleasure because much too big. Parking garage does not work, parking lot becomes a lucky case. In Germany the streets are well developed, so nothing with terrain. Finally, if I think of the environment, then I find that it can only have a target group today. Although as a car manufacturer, I would consider damn carefully whether I really need this target group.

  3. Ridiculous!
    After the Citan- a Renault Kangoo- and the Renault diesel in A-& B-Class, which is tailored to AMG and now a cheap navara copy. What’s going on at Daimler? If you share the platform – ok. But that MAN Z. B. The Navara cabin takes over and not even do the door handles on Daimler – just cheap! And then the production at Nissan. My back is cold down. A German premium brand has cars built in a French-Japanese manufacturer in Spain that were not even developed themselves! Welcome in the future. Soon only BMW and Tesla will remain, if it will soon be on the street of E-& S classes of Renault…. Terrible for Daimler and the Autoland Germany….

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    From VW has already flopped, you can see very rarely, it will probably be exactly the same with the X class, especially since it is at a level in terms of price, then prefer to be the Nisan original.

  8. Meaningless
    The pickups developed and built for the European market are totally pointless. Either you have too little space in the interior and an acceptable loading area or exactly the other way around. How embarrassing is a loading area on which I can transport an entire palette?! The size of the European pickups is due to our infrastructure, since the real pickup is actually far too big for our road conditions for our road conditions. There are enough alternatives that are also more practical, for example a bus, if it is really necessary, gladly with all -wheel drive….But whoever likes it, be it granted.

  9. Alternately
    An article about the environment&Kfz and then again the latest lifestyle breeding broken. Yeah, 400PS are of course too little in a German pickup. To bring that on the same day as reports about Mercedes exhaust gases, and then to make it sound like a brochure… Journalism in pure culture.

  10. Built for the city desert
    Because an entrepreneur does not want to afford this monster in Germany and only a Yuppie is proud to drive into the office with V8 and 600 hp in Munich. That’s cool. I drive a Chevrolet S10, 4CAB 194PS, loading area for craftsmen in Mexico and now costs the climate and Klimbim 14Teuro. For this I don’t even get a tire set at the Mercedes. A fully equipped RAM 1500, leather and everything you want..Is there with an attachment coupling (3.8t) for 35Teur and that is something for Yuppies in the USA. But I have a question, we didn’t want to build eutos because it is better for the environment? Or can it only be the mail, which is now the largest Eautobauer next to Tesla…hats off!


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