Mercedes X -Class – X -Class Pickup – Video

You want to transport 60 beer boxes, 1400 porter house steaks or four cubic meters of firewood – and still drive Mercedes? This is possible now – not only with vans, but also with the Pickup X -Class. The first video and all information.

VW must now tremble around the amarok? At least he gets a new competitor – the X -Class from Mercedes. It is still a show car, but apart from details such as the frame -shaped rear lights, the look corresponds to the later series model, which will appear in 2017.The construction of the "X-class" – Mercedes rose the name until the world premiere in Stockholm – is typical of a commercial vehicle: the body sits on a ladder frame chassis. However, the pickup has a five-steered back axle with screw springs and no rigid axle with leaf springs like all other pickups. Not a real individual wheel suspension, but this should still benefit the driving comfort.

Mercedes X -Class - X -Class Pickup - Video-pickup
The Mercedes pickup is produced in Cordoba (Argentina) and Barcelona

60 beer boxes, 1400 steaks

The Benz load donkey should also load a lot:

  • The payload is up to 1.2 tons-according to Mercedes, this corresponds to 60 beer boxes, four cubic meters of firewood or 1400 porter house steaks.
  • Depending on the version, the trailer load is 3.5 tons.
  • However, you have no choice for the cabins, because there is only the five -seater "double cabin" (double cabin). A single cabin (single CAB) remains reserved for the technically related Nissan Navara.

Can your golf that too? What you can do with a pickup

Mercedes X -Class - X -Class Pickup - Video-mercedes

Can your golf that too? What you can do with a pickup

Two all -wheel drive systems – one from Nissan

You have a lot of choice with all -wheel drive systems, because there are three options:

  • A basic version with rear wheel drive.
  • A version with a switchable all -wheel drive, this will be the distribution gear and system from the Nissan Navara.
  • A premium version with permanent all-wheel drive developed by Mercedes self.
  • In addition to a reduction gear for heavy terrain (there is also the switchable all-wheel drive), the top version has a blockable midrange and icing on the cake. This means that the pickup is almost only a lock from the Mercedes G model, in which the front axle still has a lock.

Mercedes X -Class - X -Class Pickup - Video-pickup
Site/Wochit Mercedes X-Class: Pickup from Mercedes

Diesel – and soon also a petrol engine

The four-cylinder diesel from Nissan serves as a drive in the basic models, in the top model the V6 diesel from Mercedes is on board. Performance: not yet known-the top model will have well over 200 hp. As Daimler’s transporter boss Volker Mornhinweg confirms to Site, it will also a four-cylinder petrol engine give. And since Daimler works on a fully electrical van, even electrical or at least plug-in hybrid versions are conceivable. After all, the diesel engine is not well suffered, at least in Europe.

King of Kiesgrube: Pickup Nissan Navara

Mercedes X -Class - X -Class Pickup - Video-again Mercedes prolo look Used enthusiastic

Site King of Kiesgrube: Pickup Nissan Navara

The X-Class interior was one of the biggest challenges for the engineers-after all, Mercedes is entitled to build the most luxurious pickup on the market. Accordingly, there are wood inserts and fine leather – for an additional charge, of course – for an additional charge. In the technology, however, B and C-Class also had to serve as a partial donor, which can be recognized, for example, by the instrument board and the navigation monitor attached. The central rotary press wheel with touchpad is also on board. Nevertheless, the first sitting test shows that the interior is reminiscent of an SUV and not of the usual plastic cockpit of a pickup.

Mercedes X -Class - X -Class Pickup - Video-video
Cattle man Mercedes had already had a pickup – the 220d. It was built in Argentina from 1972 to 1976

He won’t be cheap

Daimler is still silent about the price. You want "a competitive price", says Marion Friese, head of marketing from Daimler’s van division. Nevertheless, under 30.000 probably little, for a better equipped x class with all-wheel drive are more 40.000 to 50.000 euros realistic. And the buyer? Should also be found in South America, Australia or Russia in addition to Europe. The Swabians do not dare to do the difficult US market for the time being.The author traveled at the manufacturer’s invitation

When SUV screams in the mud in the mud, this pickup continues easily

Mercedes X -Class - X -Class Pickup - Video-mercedes

Site When SUV screams in the mud in the mud, this pickup continues easily

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  1. Class!
    And again a Mercedes in a prolo look. Used to be an enthusiastic Merceds fan. Than that still … And again a Mercedes in a prolo look. Used to be an enthusiastic Merceds fan. When the vehicles were still dentlessly elegant and not styled in a neighborhood look. The screen in LAP-TOP format, which is outstanding like a monolith from the dashboard. Mercedes is fully blatant, eij. If the new threesome BMW is, you know.

  2. Amarok the best in the segment
    I moved to the country at a height of 600m and since it also snowed there was a 4×4 drive definitely necessary. I drove the navara over the weekend, medium seat nobody can sit in the back. The only pickup in Europe offers enough space on the rear seat is the amarok. The 14 times the ergo seats are also great and similar to my Touareg. Ordered! Unfortunately I should wait 5 months, they have good order books in Hanover. The surcharge from the Nissan Navara top model Tekna to Amarok Aventura is 12.000 more, but this was worth it to me 3.0tdi + wider vehicle and as already mentioned, a grower can still take a seat to the medium seat and the great ergo seats for long distance. The stupid grated of people with cowboys etc. I can only make piss

  3. Necessary?
    600 m is also an absolute high mountains with 8 months of winter. The experienced driver also needs all -wheel drive to get through the meter -high snow masses.

  4. Great design
    Finally a refreshing design in the boring offer of the pickups. If the German market is not only considered to be seen, a product with sales opportunities is certainly internationally. Such a car can certainly be built with an electric motor. Electrical vehicles are only ecologically sensible if the electricity is not obtained from nuclear or coal-fired power plants. There are still a lot of tasks in the industrialized nations, especially China and the USA. As long as these are not solved, I do not want an increase in e-mobility. Then prefer a diesel with organic mix and an honest exhaust gas certification!

  5. If I
    I’m lucky I see such a pickup from VW every 2 months in my environment, too expensive, too unwieldy and only something for big city cowboys with complex. The fact that MB follows now shows me that some have not understood what it really is about.

  6. What is it all about ?
    What is it really about in your opinion ? You write some have not understood it!but what ? Hope to clarify an enlightened citizen. Thanks.

  7. Who comes too late …
    You think at the Parisian Mercedes Parisian Mercedes would have recognized the signs of the times and invest in the future V.A. In electromobility – and then such dinosaur plans are presented a few days later. A pickup with a diesel (!) under the hood. Because the Americans are very sharp on diesel from D. Not only I’m afraid, we experience z.Z. the beginning of the end of the former leading German auto industry. It relies on diesel and burners for far too long, instead of e-mobility. From 2012 to 2016, the number of electric cars worldwide is 100.000 increased to 1.3 million. That will go up rapidly now. 400 alone.000 Tesla 3 are pre -ordered. And Tesla also brings an electrically operated pickup in 2018.

  8. Lithium technology
    …Is from the day before yesterday. There are already sustainable technologies z.B. Graphy-based. So if you comment on something, you should know what you write about, otherwise I remember D. Nuhr (who has no idea….)))

  9. What a nonsense car!
    Incomprehensible … Which absurd ideas a car company like Mercedes can come up with. Maybe the politics should be grown in here!

  10. X class
    Now we don’t want to overdo it right away. A cubic meter of wood weighs between 0.6 and 1 ton depending on the type of wood and moisture. Is more for real work machines.


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