MesserSchmitt E-caben scooter comes again & delivery from May

MesserSchmitt E-caben scooter comes again & delivery from May-again

The KR E-5000 is the new edition of the legendary Messerschmitt cabin roller from the 50s. Already from May 2021 the cult stream should come to the road in a refreshed design and electric drive. The E-vehicle of the well-known German brand is manufactured in the Spanish Malaga, where he is running from the band in the future. As “KR E-5000” he will be there for 15.400 euros made.

Instead of burners, a powerful QS electric drive is now working in the cabin scooter. The engine is able to monitor the brake energy of the vehicle and at the same time feed the current obtained in the batteries. Due to the GRP and aluminum materials used in the production, the new KnifeSchmitt is very light. This contributes to the fact that the 5000 watts strong QS permanent magnet DC motor accelerates the electric cabin roller to a speed of up to 90km / h. The performance is given with 5 kW / 6.7 hp. The range at 80 km. A discharged battery should be charged in four to five hours.

In purely theoretically, the Messerschmitt Electric cabin roller can be driven from 16 years since he falls in Germany under the driver’s license class A1. Who safely wool the “cheap” prices, should strike in the current pre-order round. At a later date, a price increase of 20 percent is expected. Also transfer costs are added.

The E-Cabin Roller should give it in two versions. Once the entry-level model, with the name supplement “Sport” for around 15.400 euros. A model convertible to the convertible is the name additive “L&C “and can be for around 17.800 euros are ordered. Here the hardtop can be removed by a few handles. As you know it from other E vehicles, the entry-level prices are not yet concluded. A radio or other rims are available carefree, as well as a second battery set for doubling the range.

Interesting detail on the edge: The name “Messerschmitt-Werke” has licensed the Spanish manufacturer from the KnifeSchmitt foundation against payment of a non-specified sum. So you do not have to do with an original Kniessschmitt. But with a cabin scooter for which one has licensed the name accordingly.

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5 thoughts on “MesserSchmitt E-caben scooter comes again & delivery from May”

  1. Sounds interesting, and the fun would be preprogrammed – especially if the convertible is also due to my nostalgic 4-ridden “Tiger” version. For a, young city to the daily breadcloth allest suitable for better than any SUV Town Tank. In addition, the price ensures some exclusivity.

  2. Nice ….will make the twizzy competition and could push to the top of the 7e vehicles. Where the Hotrods of https: // http://www.wear are also very cool. Unfortunately, they are not with the emotor. There will be a race between Messerschmidt and wingstars soon &# 128521;

  3. For this purpose, I trust myself with a joke to this also “Snow White-cemented vehicle” from the 50s, which was told in my family at that time:

    After the test drive the question to the seller “goes great, but what was the eternal-long gray wall, where we walked along all the time?”Now, that was the edge of …”

  4. So let’s say so – if there would be a category / euro / euro or sensational citymobile, then this Messerschmitt would previously be in place number 1.
    I find him visually ingenious – and on the subject of passive driving safety you have certainly come up with something.
    It gets colorful, and that’s nice !

  5. For such 3-wheeled wheels I always have to shake with the head – why do not some startups understand that for stable driving 4 wheels are better. The low savings in 3 wheels are not worthwhile for cars (including electric cars), because they are neglected too many disadvantages.

    The Microlino, already 4 wheels in version 1.0 had been in version 2.0 provided with a wider track behind, just because of the driving stability. He also got a body with squeezed steel and aluminum parts because of higher security.

    At the price you have only 3 wheels and lightweight construction nothing – the vehicle is more expensive than a microlino.


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