MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test

Practical test mg ehs plug-in-hybrid

China hybrid shows why a VW SUV is completely overpriced

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-hybrid

Cattle man
MG EHS: British hybrid with China gene

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

More and more Chinese car manufacturers are coming to Europe with new electric SUV. But also hybrid models with plugs, interesting due to purchase bonus and funding, are also available. Site tests the MG EHS. With a clear result.

China cars in Germany – that’s an infinite story. Sometimes they failed because of security and quality (country wind, brilliance), sometimes because of an unsuccessful brand strategy (Borgward, Qoros). All in common is the same problem: the product can be so good-in Germany China cars remain a NO NAME brand that car buyers cannot assess in contrast to established Far East brands such as Hyundai or Kia.

China SUV: It usually goes over the price

But confident how the Chinese auto industry is now, she would like to understand its products as a premium alternative. The Borgward BX7 was quite convincing, but of course no competitor for an Audi or Volvo. So it has to be a real price hit if German car buyers are supposed to strike.

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-built China cars Certainly wage
Cattle man Mg ehs hybrid

What did not really work with petrol engines should now work with hybrid and electrical drives. Because they are known to be fundamentally funded in Germany and are already trendy. Nio, Aiways, Lynk & Co and Polestar are called the China models. Most models drive purely electrically. Not so the MG EHS: The former British cult brand MG also builds Stromer, but also petrol and hybrid models after taking over by the large corporation Saic, but also petrol and hybrid models.

How hot is the price at MG?

With 32.The MG (all the details of the vehicle can be found here on our portal site) is not exactly the price in the Schnapper segment, but it is cheaper than the hybrid or. Electrical competition. So a Skoda Enyaq 33.800 euros, a VW ID4 36.950 euros, a Ford Kuga Phev 38.090 euros, a Kia Niro e-hybrid 33.990 euros, a Mitsubishi Outlander Phev 39.990 euros and a VW Tiguan e-hybrid 43.510 euros (all prices before deducting the funding). What do the China British have for the low entry price to offer?

Much cheaper than Tesla or VW: New Elektro SUV from China in the test

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-plug-in

Site Much cheaper than Tesla or VW: New Elektro SUV from China in the test

Body and interior

In fact, there is already a strength of the MG EHS. Visually, the 4.6 meter long car does not stand out from the SUV mass, but the design looks coherent and contemporary. At the Euro NCAP crash test, the car reached five stars.

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-test
Cattle man MG EHS: Cockpit

On the one hand, the good space is surprising, also in the rear. The legroom is great. There is a lot more living space than in MGS pure Elektro-SUV ZS eV. And even many of the same size, the MG leaves behind in the rear room offer. In the trunkist space for 448 to 1375 liters of luggage, the charging cable comes under the cover in a small cow. The large electric panoramic glass roof, which can even be opened, impresses over the heads of the occupants.

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-hybrid
Cattle man The trunk is okay. Charging cables also find space under the cover

In addition, the processing quality and the impression of valuable materials can easily be used with VW and Co. Measurement – Models like the Tiguan show here that the price surcharge at VW offers little equivalent.

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From the comfortable sitting to the handy leather steering wheel to the digital instruments, the MG cuts a good figure in any case. The smartphone is connected via CarPlay or Android Auto. Not so good: the resolution of the camera image in the reversing camera is too coarse.

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-built China cars Certainly wage
Cattle man Reverse camera with bird’s eye view – but the picture is very pixelated

Operation and infotainment

The infotainment system with large colorful tiles offers the usual variety of functions, a solid navigation system and a clear touch operation-with the restriction that the virtual keys sometimes react late to input. The air conditioning is also controlled via the screen.

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-built China cars Certainly wage
Cattle man Modern infotainment – but the virtual keys sometimes hook

Drive, consumption and shop

The MG combines a 1.5 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 119 kW / 162 hp with a 90 kW electric motor. Only the front axle is driven. That is a disadvantage of the MG, because both hybrid and pure electric competitors offer, at least at an additional cost, often all-wheel drive. The system output of 258 hp is enough to move appropriate to the 1.7 -ton car – not so much for a hybrid vehicle of the compact/middle class -. In electric mode, which is supposed to work up to 140 km/h (but mostly said goodbye earlier), the SUV is gently starting. The not optimal interaction with the 6-speed automatic transmission is annoying: If the gas is full, for example when overtaking on the country road, there are strong interruptions of traction through the sluggish gear reaction. Then the official 0-100 km/h acceleration of 6.9 seconds is of little use. After all, that would not have happened at VW.

New Skoda in the test: The end of the philistine is there

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-hybrid

Site New Skoda in the test: The end of the philistine is there

Nevertheless: The hybrid drive of the MG is good for normal cruises, in city traffic and without too large ambitions on the motorways. There are a maximum of 190 km/h, you don’t want to drive faster with the SUV because of the not so good straight course at high speed.

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-test
Cattle man The MG also has a lot of space in the rear

But what about consumption-as is well known, the Achilles heel pretty much every plug-in hybrid?

  • In practice, the purely electrical range is between 50 and 55 kilometers. Annoying: Even with rather mild temperatures, the combustion engine sometimes switches on at the start, the pure e-mode is only possible later. Others can drive this better and whispering in the morning from the garage through the residential area, is just one of the pleasant aspects of a PHEV.
  • The total consumption with empty battery was 4.6 liters in our test. If the e-range is used full, a 2 before the coma is possible, but the MG EHS does not reach the promised 1.8 liters per 100 km. Nevertheless: you are more economical in the China hybrid than in a diesel or a petrol engine. Even if the petrol engine is full of use in a clearly audible background noise.

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-built China cars Certainly wage
Cattle man In the loading connection of the MG, lighting and charging status LED are missing

When charging, a maximum of 3.7 kW with alternating current (at the household socket 2.3 kW) with the onboard loader is at least 4.5 hours until the 16.6 kWh battery is completely loaded. The MG is therefore particularly suitable for classic use as "Home loader". The charging socket is back to the back and irritated by one thing: there is no LED status light that can be seen in most PHEV and Stromers whether the car is currently loading and how full the battery is approximately. So it occurred during the test that apparently the plug was not fully grown and the battery was not loaded without a visible error message.

Drive and assistance systems

The MG EHS is typically Chinese, that is: more comfort than driving dynamics, rather cozy than precise. However, the car drives very pleasantly, especially in city traffic and overland glides. The Chinese have now also caught up in the assistance systems, so the car drives partially autonomously at level 2 with automatic distance and track holding ("Mg pilot"))).

Oko-Jeep shows hybrid crystalism-he can still be off-road

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-plug-in

Site Oko-Jeep shows hybrid crystalism-he can still be off-road

Prices and equipment

In both equipment variants of the MG ("Comfort" and "Luxury") include parkpiepser, leather seats, LED daytime running lights, two-zone air conditioning system, leather steering wheel, keyless mettry, infotainment system, seat heating, leather steering wheel and a number of assistance systems such as distance control, collision preventer or 360 degree camera on board. The higher-quality version also offers LED headlights, two-color leather equipment, electrically adjustable sports seats and a panoramic glass roof.


The MG EHS cannot convince in all details. The driving performance is rather mediocre compared to other hybrid and electrical SUV, the Chinese have saved and of course MG remains an unknown in Germany despite its awareness in China and Great Britain (where the brand’s cars are also built)) Model with unclear resale value. But at the end of a two -week practical test is our conclusion: in this SUV you can feel comfortable. Cozy driving comfort, a lot of space, contemporary infotainment, simple operation – and above all: Low practice consumption and an attractive price. If you consider that a comparably equipped plug -in hybrid from VW costs a lot more – a small car would be easy for the difference – China’s auto industry does not have to be rined up with this product. Already in the next generation of these models the point should be reached, where the Asians’ cars are hardly in detail from VW, Hyundai, Kia and Co. are to be distinguished.

Chinese with Volvo genes: Strong Tesla competitor has only a serious weakness

MG EHS plug-in hybrid in the consumer test-hybrid

Site Chinese with Volvo genes: Strong Tesla competitor has only a serious weakness

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