MG Marvel R: A miracle should judge – impressions E-SUV from China

MG Marvel R: A miracle should judge - impressions E-SUV from China-marvel

So young is not allowed to be rather who should connect big story named mg without thinking. The formerly British brand (1923 founded in 1923 as “Morris Garages”) has been part of the Chinese car hire Saic since 2007 – and should now wake up the European market and also in Germany emotions. And the quasi of zero. “We are currently in climbing flight,” says the new beginning. But no one knows exactly where the journey goes.

To give thrust – of course – a SUV. However, a purely electric. The Marvel R (to German: Miracle) has been going on since the beginning of the year under the label Roewe already in China. In the autumn, the first specimens in the shop window are to be built – built in the realm of the middle. In Vienna, they now pulled the cloth from the car, the flagship and hope in one is.

MG Marvel R: A miracle should judge - impressions E-SUV from China-marvel

Schick looks the 4.67 meter long part. The front modern drawn, the sides modeled and baking with thick baking, at best the tail appears little filigree. All in all, but a design that is also likely to please German customer eyes.

The surprise is waiting in the interior. Nice vulnerable has made the Marvel R – almost everywhere, the materials of good quality, the decorative stitches cleanly seated. They are perched in well-contoured seats (either faux leather, leather and Alcantara, but no fabric) behind a pleasing small, sporty steering wheel and looks at a digital 12.3-inch display. Dominant, however, is the 19.4-inch touchscreen that seems to float over the center console. There is no more missing to premium ..

MG Marvel R: A miracle should judge - impressions E-SUV from China-impressions

Also in the second row it has a lot of room for head and knees. And who prefer to transport load than people – waiting behind full seating 357 liters of storage space, 1400 are it with a flat backrest. Small drawback: While comparable competitors at up to 1.6 tons attract trailer load, the MG strainer may only take 750 kilos to the hook.

The normal version of the Marvel R rolls with rear drive on 18 cells. 180 hp the two motors (88 and 50 kW) from the 70 kWh battery deep in the ground. That’s enough for a standard spurt in 7.9 seconds. If you like swift, accessing the four-wheel version, where a third motor (80 kW) is sitting on the front axle. Then there are 288 hp on the 19-ZOller, it goes in 4.9 seconds at speed 100 and up to 200. The price is 150 liters of additional storage space under the hood. Somewhere, the technology must sit yes.

MG Marvel R: A miracle should judge - impressions E-SUV from China-impressions

Speaking of technology: The drive on the rear axle has a two-speed gearbox as it also knows about the Porsche Tyceran. Short first gear for maximum acceleration, long second for maximum speed and best possible efficiency. This is reflected in the range. The car is not finally homologated, but for the basic version MG promises MG but a radius of just over 400 kilometers (WLTP), the 4WD variant should still create 370.

With a reason for this, the successful aerodynamics with closed front and recessed door handles – but above all the relatively low weight. Just 1.8 tons should weigh the rear driver according to MG, the all-wheeller 1.9. Usually, electric car of this size have loosely have a two front.

MG Marvel R: A miracle should judge - impressions E-SUV from China-impressions

Who suspects lack of equipment, is completely wrong. The Marvel R already has a high degree of amenities, even a heat pump is standard on board. He also preserves tempo, track and distance – and at the moment he brakes too. Also in terms of connectivity, MG promises the current state of the art. This also applies to the three-phase on-board charger with 11 kW. And at a quick loading column, 80 percent of the capacity can be pressed into the cells in 40 minutes.

With all the advertisements MG with a “fair” price. Around 40.000 Euro should the MG Marvel R without promotion cost, the four-wheel drive version with a quick and schnack may be at 50.Estimate. That sounds a lot of money first, but you get a lot of car. And: Usually, in this area is usually mostly leased instead of bought. Absolutely exemplary: The warranty is seven years (or 150.000 kilometers). That’s already an announcement.

MG Marvel R: A miracle should judge - impressions E-SUV from China-marvel

Still in construction is the dealer network. What is not surprising so shortly after the start. Currently there are 47 locations, planned to year end 100 – primarily in cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants. Maybe a little helps that the MG 5 will soon come the first E-Kombi. Until then, it must judge the miracle ..

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3 thoughts on “MG Marvel R: A miracle should judge – impressions E-SUV from China”

  1. We wish such vehicles for a long time for our Swiss market. An affordable SUV 4 × 4 with good trunk volume (Schmidt-aluminum dog box) and not too large dimensions. Where 1910 mm width is already quite violent (over the exterior mirrors or without). Lots of solid luxury and well-contoured seats as well as beautiful shelves inside, everything without extreme touch screen controls, which only distract massively during the ride. The Bose sound system also lets music enjoyment and also the good workmanship and soundproofing. Reasonable boost data (11 kW 400 volt on board) for business and private parking, as well as somewhat weak performance for the fast-loader, the mood do not cloud, go faster anyway, even if this is promised. Who can load favorable night stream on private wall boxes, is therefore very well served and the 400 km range [also with 120 km / h highway speed?] are positive to note. I’m looking forward to the first consumption test. Driving pleasure with the performance data and German suspension tuning are probably as safe and let an Audi or BMW easy to get there, especially if the price is still right here.

    If Saic / MG Motor is still trusting, an electrical “MX5” or “Peugeot RCZ R” replacement (Concept Cyberster) as a modern variant of a MGB roadster without many adjustments to a serial fabrication to a similar price, then Do I also believe in the revival of the “cult” automobody of my father [the small MG incl. The sports limousines offered a lot of driving pleasure and were cheaper than about an Austin Healey 3-liter, Aston Martin or the competition from Stuttgart or Maranello]. However, the genriving service and maintenance costs of the original can be easily created with the new drives from the world and hopefully that also understands a Swiss importer of the brand. VW unfortunately goes again the rip-off path and wants to make for software updates and additional functions seems to be strong in the future, because supposedly the – still not-finished developments cost a lot of money. So if customers do not have any additional monthly additional costs [Mobile connection?] Get upset if you want to drive a full car, that Can Saic / Mg Engine can win the race here still loose.

  2. For a vehicle brand without a solid dealer network, where you do not know if it will give the morning, I find more courage from 40k. For 45k there are 82 kWh on MEB basis with dealers at the place. Also the VW Group has very good leasing rates.

  3. MG Has a dense dealer net pulled up here in AT, after the decline of Toyota Frey, within 3 months.
    The dealer / service partner for the MZ Zs of my wife is a 15-minute drive – and we really live in the end of the world ..


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