Mg Maze Concept promises play, discover and adventure

Mg Maze Concept promises play, discover and adventure-maze

So young is not allowed to be rather who should connect big story named mg without thinking. The formerly British brand (1923 founded in 1923 “Morris Garages”) has been part of the Chinese Autory Saic since 2007. Looks slowly for Germany since last year. Whose MG EHS plug-in hybrid as well as MG ZS eV we had already considered a closer look, as well as the second Stromer MG Marvel R. With the MG Maze Concept, the view goes even further towards the future.

Behind the MG Maze hides a striking concept vehicle. This shows how urban mobility in the future can be even more pleasant. The MG Maze was designed by the team of Saic Design Advanced London on the occasion of the third anniversary of the design studios based in the United Kingdom. In addition to state-of-the-art design concepts and innovative workflows, the design studio also waits for globally competitive design and product concepts.

As the design studio shows the MG Maze was developed to offer the next generation a new mobility experience, taking into account three key principles: ‘playing is important’, ‘discovering is important’ and, adventure is important ‘. “The compact, futuristic concept vehicle provides a real gaming experience through its open cockpit layout that offers comprehensive panoramic views of the environment,” says Mg Motors in the corresponding press release. The polycarbonate hood can be opened vertically so that the occupants can get through the front into the widely expanding seats.

Users drive with and use their phones as access and control points for the car. A sophisticated user interface superimposed pictures and digital content with the perspective of the occupant. How to understand the formerly British brand is the Concept Car an attempt to promote urban mobility and create a smile. The concept is playful and agile and should offer a truly appealing mobility experience for all ages, cultures and interests. That we should not see it so soon on the street should be almost clear.

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2 thoughts on “Mg Maze Concept promises play, discover and adventure”

  1. Wow, is opened and controlled with the mobile phone. I had at Mercedes six years ago. However, he did not look like a submarine. This should be a playful study for city traffic here. And the game is probably called to roast in the sun under a burning glass. In the core, this nonsense knows that studies of such city cars are little sustainable. Because should not in the medium term the goal of reducing individual traffic within the city? Autonomous shuttles and their clever control should be in the foreground.

  2. Great proposal – Why do not distribute vehicles from the cities – there you could use the streets for the non-working society (students), or who have lost their workplace in retail through such measures – if one of the bustles in city too much is, attracts to land to drive with public transport in the city (if one is not too big)

    Concept with the presented vehicle is good – the solution to a problem is the progress !!!!


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