MG only sets sales records with e-cars and PHEVs

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MG only sets sales records with e-cars and PHEVs-e-cars

The traditional British brand MG, owned by the Chinese vehicle group SAIC for almost 15 years, achieved a new sales record last September. MG sold a total of 8,369 vehicles in Europe, including 5,449 units in the UK and 2,920 units in mainland Europe, the manufacturer said in a recent statement. That’s an increase of 77 percent compared to the same period last year, when MG sold a total of 4,723 units. It’s the first time MG has sold more than 8,000 units in a month, according to the manufacturer.

In a recent statement, Matt Lei, CEO of MG Motor Europe, is very proud of the sales figures achieved in Europe with just two models: the 100 percent electric MG ZS EV and the plug-in hybrid MG EHS. “In the first nine months of 2021 we have 14.258 units in mainland Europe and 22.932 units sold in the UK. That’s 37 in total.190 units. Compared to the same period in 2020, we increased our profit by 214 percent in mainland Europe”. This is “a great result” for the car brand, which only restarted sales on the European mainland two years ago. “I am pleased that European customers appreciate our products and I am also satisfied with our sales record in September,” Lei continued.

After the purely electric MG ZS EV had completed its first year of sales on the continent – in the Netherlands (since October 2019), Norway (since February 2020), France, Iceland and Denmark (since June 2020) – the brand could not only steadily increase sales figures for themselves, but also reached top 10 positions in some countries. For example, in Norway, the MG ZS EV was the No. 8 best-selling car overall and No. 7 for electric cars, with a 4.85 percent market share in the BEV market. In Belgium, the MG ZS EV was named “Family Car of the Year”.

New E-SUV and E-Combi coming soon

In 2021, MG’s electric cars and plug-in hybrids were also launched in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Italy. In Sweden, MG straight away (the brand launched there in August) reached the top 3 in EV sales, with more than 900 units sold in September. MG now offers its electric vehicles for sale in 16 European markets, with Finland and Switzerland to follow soon. As of October 2019, MG has opened more than 300 Brand Stores (sales and service partners) in Europe and expects this number to grow to 400 MG Brand Stores by the end of the year.

The vehicle portfolio should also continue to grow. The brand announced new models, such as the MG Marvel R Electric, a sleek SUV with a range of just over 400 kilometers, which is due to arrive in MG Brand Stores in Europe in a few weeks. MG then eagerly awaits the new MG5 Electric in the first quarter of 2022, the world’s first all-electric station wagon. Overall, MG wants to offer five or six models in Europe.

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6 thoughts on “MG only sets sales records with e-cars and PHEVs”

  1. “The new MG5 Electric in the first quarter of 2022” I thought it had been announced for October and not just in 2022, I would love to test drive it, always these shifts, it’s annoying

  2. My wife has been driving since 01.2020 a ZS EV (in AT, at that time still from Frey), meanwhile 25.000km down and absolutely nothing to complain about, completely sufficient for your driving profile, is only charged with AC at the wall box.
    DC charging would be a bit tedious, MG made a massive mistake in Europe, the same model charges in Thailand with 85kW on CCS and has an app connection.

    You just have to get away from the range issue and buy a car for what you need it for and for that the MG was a perfect fit (for us) at the beginning of 2020.

    Annual service costs €57
    No road tax (in AT), no other maintenance
    12-14kwh / 100km at 80% federal highway / 20 city
  3. I don’t think there is anything special about this car. Technically mediocre, optically too.

    The relevant feature would have been a much lower price if the cars did not come from China and there were corresponding protective tariffs and transport costs as well as disproportionate surcharges for after-service in Europe.

    It could have been done differently. If you’re going to buy the MG brand, you could have been careful with it and designed small electric sports cars. Size of the e-up as an open two-seater 15 cm lower. You can then also derive a somewhat larger shooting break from and later, I suppose, also a sporty SUV like the first GLA.

  4. exciting what is coming from the Far East.
    Got the info mail today that the Marvel R is said to have already arrived in Europe.
    Sebastian can do some research 😉

    it remains exciting

  5. I also recently bought the Zs EV for my wife, we both love it!

    6 weeks until delivery, well equipped and there is no comparable vehicle in the price range.

    the consumption is around 17 Kw/h on 100 km on country roads!

    only drawback so far: 1-phase charging ‍, at DC 50Kw/H about 35 min ☺️

    Kind regards Tom

  6. Considering that dealers also have to buy the vehicles (statement of a dealer), the results achieved are less meaningful. In any case, after an EHS test drive, we agreed that the dealer could keep the car beyond the minimum holding period. Also not mentioned were the price increases from October, which might have persuaded one or the other to order more quickly. Journalism isn’t. This is just distributing press releases. set 6.


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