MG ZS EV: Small SUV from China for just under 32,000 euros

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Inexpensive, but only a range of 263 kilometers

MG ZS EV: Small SUV from China for just under 32,000 euros-small

An electric SUV for 32,000 euros and nobody knows it: is that possible? Apparently. According to the homepage, the MG ZS EV costs only 28,450 euros in Germany. MG has already deducted the manufacturer's share including VAT, i.e. 3,570 euros.

The list price is therefore 31,990 euros – still cheap. We introduce the car.

The venerable British brand MG has been in the hands of the Chinese SAIC group since 2007. The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation is a cooperation partner of VW and General Motors in China. In this country, MG currently offers two models: the plug-in hybrid MG EHS and the electric SUV called ZS EV.

Picture gallery: MG ZS EV (2019)

MG ZS EV: Small SUV from China for just under 32,000 euros-china

The ZS is one of the small car SUVs. At 4.31 meters, it is about the size of a Dacia Duster or Mini Countryman. An electric motor with 105 kW provides the drive. The battery is not very large at 45 kWh; accordingly, the range is low at around 260 kilometers.

That should also be the main disadvantage of the car. For comparison: the Peugeot e-2008, which is roughly the same size with its 50 kWh battery it can travel 320 kilometers – that's a difference of 60 kilometers. However, the Peugeot also costs 35,450 euros, around 3,500 euros more.

Charging takes place at the nose, the connection appears behind a flap that swings upwards. Fortunately, it is the usual CCS slot. That means you can charge not only with alternating current but also with direct current. Apparently the MG can only charge in one phase. Because MG gives 7.1 hours with 6.6 kW AC as the charging time. With direct current (100 kW) it is only 45 minutes for the 80 percent charge. With that you are not much faster than with 50 kW (47 minutes).

The conventional instruments of the MG ZS EV are a rarity in electric cars. The driving modes are activated with a rotary knob in the center console P, N, R and D:

The trunk offers 448-1,116 liters, so the maximum volume is lower than that of the Peugeot, in which 405-1,467 liters fit. As far as crash safety is concerned – with China imports since the Brilliance BS6 a constant topic – so you don't have to worry here: The ZS EV achieved a full five stars in the EuroNCAP crash test.

Picture gallery: MG ZS EV in the EuroNCAP crash test (2019)

MG ZS EV: Small SUV from China for just under 32,000 euros-just

Technical specifications:

  • Drive: 1 electric motor (PSM) with 105 kW (143 PS) and 353 Nm
  • 0-100 km / h / top speed: 8.2 seconds / 140 km / h
  • Battery: 45 kWh
  • Range: 263 km WLTP
  • Charging: up to 6.6 kW AC, up to 100 kW DC
  • Dimensions: 4,314 mm length / 1,809 mm width / 1,644 mm height / 2,585 mm wheelbase
  • Trunk: 448-1,116 liters
  • Base price: 31,990 euros

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MG ZS EV: Small SUV from China for just under 32,000 euros-euros Peugeot 208 and 2008: Next generation only with electric drive?

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