Microlino 2.0: Production start from September; First prototype test ride

Microlino 2.0: Production start from September; First prototype test ride-microlino

The company behind the Swiss Stromber Microlino 2.0., Micro Mobility, announces progress in the development of the vehicle. Meanwhile you have the structure of the first MicroLino 2.0 prototypes completed. A first test drive was already on the plan and the findings of it confirm the advantages over the Microlino in its first variant. In addition, the Swiss are in view of the production start in September 2021.

It should be noted that the prototype does not quite correspond to the photos of the later standard stand. “As you sure have noticed, there are still some essential things in this prototype, such as.B. The LED light bar. These features will be installed step by step in the next prototypes, “the company in the current message. But the Swiss also states that compared to the lattice pipe frame of Microlino 1.0 large safety improvements in Microlino 2.0 could achieve. This is made possible by the new self-supporting body of pressed steel and aluminum parts a higher rigidity and safety without increasing the weight. Normally this technology is used only for real cars, the Microlino is the first product in its category that this structure uses.

Microlino 2.0: Production start from September; First prototype test ride-microlinoMicro Mobility

Micro Mobility does not just look forward, but also back and to understand: “The new development of a vehicle is extremely difficult and we learned that on the hard tour.”For this reason, you have also decided to act more carefully when communicating the schedule. Nevertheless, the Swiss did not want to take a look at the schedule.

Microlino 2.0: Production start from September; First prototype test ride-productionMicro Mobility

Currently you are in the phase in which the first prototype of Microlino 2.0 has found his way to the street. Two more prototype vehicles should come to the street until mid-April 2021. In June 2021 you want to start in the official pre-series production, which paves the way into the series production of the vehicle. If it goes to the Swiss, these in August 2021 expect the EU approval of the Stromer, in order to start and raise the series production one month later.

Microlino 2.0: Production start from September; First prototype test ride-firstMicro Mobility

Overall, therefore, five prototypes are planned, which are built iteratively at a distance of about a month. In this phase, the production of the first tools (Z. B. For Bodypanels) started. Thus, you want to prevent possible time losses. The most important phase is certainly the beginning of the homology process to obtain the street approval. “We assume that it will take 2-3 months until we have completed all tests and received the official papers from the government. Thus, we expect that we have completed EU street admission in summer, “Micro Mobility in the current message.

Microlino 2.0: Production start from September; First prototype test ride-firstMicro Mobility

The Swiss family business also gives you to understand that in this phase is already beginning to start building up the pre-production vehicles that make last adjustments and starts with test drives to save time. “As soon as we received the type approval, we will be able to start production a few weeks later and also deliver the first microlinos. The goal is to highlight production as soon as possible without making compromises in quality, “says the Swiss company.

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7 thoughts on “Microlino 2.0: Production start from September; First prototype test ride”

  1. This car has a great career in front of you – as well as the products of Sono Motors. So say the company founders and their commissioners …De facto these vehicles have no chance against mass production.

  2. A cute Teletubbies Vehicle.
    The approach is right, but not contemporary, a cover version can rare the water rare the water, unfortunately ..
    Safety, handling (weather, Uha! &# 128521; ) Leave a lot to be desired..
    A LIVESTYLE product, will surely find his fans, bread rolls from the bakery, to the coffee house ok ..
    A vehicle must bring me a certain trust … Here is not the case here … Sorry .. &# 128577;

  3. It just comes out too late. Unfortunately, you missed the jump. The price is just ridiculously high. Unfortunately again a project, which goes into the pants. I’m sorry but always only any updates and messages from prototypes. So not people. I wish you a lot of success but unfortunately you will not have. Themselves to blame

  4. Funny and useful; For the price of a Twizzy also with international opportunities. To the targeted price rather something only for Switzerland, very regrettable.

  5. First wait for it with production and sale.
    It’s always something other than the eternal golflly
    and SUV unit porridge.
    Since after the BT elections probably a speed limit on highways comes and the batteries
    Long-term more capacity you can get away from the unit design
    and build again interesting autodesigns.
    There has been much done anyway in recent years


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