Microlino 2.0: three editions, three battery levels – production start 2021

Microlino 2.0: three editions, three battery levels - production start 2021-production

The Microlino is now no longer an unknown E-vehicle, at least here at electric car news.net. In a variety of articles we have already reported on the Swiss electric vehicle. Shortly before the IAA we were able to elicit Merlin Ouboter, one of the two managing directors behind the Microlino, first information about the electricity, which were only known in the world premiere. Now there are all facts.

As part of the world premiere, the manufacturer is briefly on the history and to understand that after the separation from his former production partner, it has decided to revise the Microlino from the ground up and as Microlino 2.0 to bring to the market. In this case, the already previously very strong community, which could exercise so influence on important decisions such as color, options and design directions. How to understand the manufacturer are already over 24.000 reservations available for the streamer.

Microlino 2.0: three editions, three battery levels - production start 2021-microlinoMicro Mobility Systems AG

Already before IAA 2021 Merlin explained us that 2021 first copies should be delivered in Switzerland. Other countries are then supplied in 2022. From then you would like to drive the series production towards Peak. This manufacturing peak moves according to current planning around the 7.000 to 8.000 vehicles per year. Together with the partner Cecomp, a new company, Microlino Italia, founded, which will be responsible for production in Turin. This is the fact that the family business never wanted to become manufacturer at the beginning of the Microlino project.

But you have recognized that this is the only way to control the quality while reducing the production costs at the same time. The assembly line is located on the grounds of Cecomp in La Loggia, Turin,. Micro confirms that the basic price at around 12.500 euros will remain, although the cost of raw materials, electronic components and battery cells have increased significantly due to bottlenecks.
Microlino 2.0: three editions, three battery levels - production start 2021-microlinoMicro Mobility Systems AG

In Puncto Design has changed a lot since the first version. The exterior was redesigned and modernized without losing the retro charm. The front door handle has completely disappeared to simplify the design. Instead, the door can be opened with a push of a button, open on the page. Another new design feature are the front and rear infinity LED light bars that paste seamlessly into the overall vehicle of the vehicle while increasing visibility on the road.

Also, the interior presents itself completely revised and offers even more space in the series version. The steering column is now firm and no longer connected to the door, which reduces the steering forces. The seats were completely revised and are now even more convenient and ergonomic. Furthermore, you have made to create at the dashboard, which was also redesigned and supplemented by a digital touch display in the middle.

Microlino 2.0: three editions, three battery levels - production start 2021-editionsMicro Mobility Systems AG

Due to the feedback from the reservation owner, Micro has decided to launch the MicroLino in three different editions. “We are grateful to our community that you are the Microlino 2.0 has developed with us. Their suggestions have brought us the idea of offering the Microlino in three editions to take even better to the customer’s wishes, “says Merlin Ouboter.

  • Urban: Embodies the essence of the Microlino as a simple but stylish vehicle. She follows the philosophy “less is more” and is aimed in particular to customers who are looking for an environmentally friendly and practical vehicle for their daily rides.
  • Dolce: The ideal choice for Microlino drivers who like a retro touch and eye-catching colors. It should embody the Italian “Dolce Vita” lifestyle of the 50s and 60s and transport them to the present.
  • Competizione: Designed for the bold and innovative futurists, this edition presents itself with modern and futuristic styling. Complemented with subtle chromium detail and mats body colors forming a contrast to the shiny black roof.

Technical improvements that have been incorporated on the second version of Microlino were also topic. So technical board Peter Muller to understand: “I am proud that we could comply with our promises. The vehicle has a significantly better driving behavior and more comfort than the Microlino 1.0. The Microlino will be the first vehicle of its class with a self-supporting body. This improves the stiffness, driving behavior and safety compared to the grating pipe frames that are customary in this class in this class.”

Microlino 2.0: three editions, three battery levels - production start 2021-levelsMicro Mobility Systems AG

There are three battery levels, which should enable a range of 95 (6 kWh), 175 (10.5 kWh) and 230 km (14 kWh). How the different battery rockets and editions are priced has not yet been communicated.

Microlino 2.0: three editions, three battery levels - production start 2021-levelsMicro Mobility Systems AG

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  1. For me it would be perfect (5 km work and from time to time and friends and acquaintances within 20 km). He is enough for that.

    If now the legal promotion is promoted, that would be great. Then I would decide immediately. And I find the promotion mostly much justified than for larger cars / SUVs. Nevertheless, about. 2.500 euros promotion for such micro vehicles I found justified. That would be a real gamechanger and more people would worry how much car is really necessary and make sense … (the electro-thumbnail stopped back).

  2. 12.500 € is the basic price. With 6 kWh battery, where a NIO scooter has already 4.2 kWh for one third of the price. 95 km I do not believe, rather in summer 75 and in winter 50 km. With air conditioning, ner core color, folding roof and 14 kWh battery we are over 20.000, I suspect without a price to know. And from Airbag to ESP probably there is probably nothing …

  3. Hi! I see the following problem; If I help a sick or handicapped person when boarding and then get into or then must go, how can I get behind the steering column? The first design with the swinging steering column was better around worlds!


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