Microlino: Postpones start of production to March 2022 – accelerates production

Microlino: Postpones start of production to March 2022 - accelerates production-2022

Since the IAA 2021 it has become a little quieter around the Microlino. And yet a lot has happened behind the scenes, as can now be seen in an update from the Swiss. Good progress has been made in setting up its own production facility in Turin. The online configurator for the Microlino will go live in February 2022. The start of production will start a month later, in March 2022. Followed by a faster production ramp-up than initially planned.

The aim was to deliver the first vehicles to the first customers by the end of 2021, but the global chaos in the supply chain affects Microlino as well as many other car manufacturers. The Swiss family business is also suffering from the current situation. Because despite preparations to order important parts well in advance, the situation has deteriorated significantly and is now affecting more and more parts. Now even standard parts like simple plugs for the wiring harness have become scarce and have lead times of up to 50 weeks!

As a result, the company is already making vehicles using the current production system, but is progressing at a much slower pace due to the lack of parts and lack of larger quantities. These vehicles are mainly used for additional testing and process optimization.

As the company announces, this means that the start of production will be postponed. It is now planned that production will start slowly in mid-March 2022 and that the first customer vehicles will be delivered in April/May in Switzerland and soon afterwards in Germany. Following this, the intention is to make up for the delayed start of production later by increasing the number of units more quickly.

The online configurator for the Microlino will go online as early as February. In addition to the three editions Urban, Dolce and Competizione, which have already been presented, an exclusive edition called Pioneer Series, limited to the first 500 Microlinos, will be introduced. More detailed information will follow. The configurator will be accessible to all our customers, but in a first step only Swiss customers will be able to make a deposit. Other countries like Germany will soon follow. The exact launch dates per country will be communicated individually.

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4 thoughts on “Microlino: Postpones start of production to March 2022 – accelerates production”

  1. I’m so glad that Habeck’s L7e funding was canceled! These Darwin Award nominee obstacle vehicles are unlikely to appear in large numbers without funding. Good this way!

  2. Unfortunately, the whole delaying tactic reminds me of the company Sono Motors, who actually wanted their Sion on the road 5 years ago. I have reserved a Microlino since 2018 and fervently hope to pick it up in 2022 to replace our 10 year old Twizy.
    Oh @David: With the 90 km/h that the Twizy drives, I am by no means an obstacle on the country road, but mostly hang behind a truck in a queue of cars, since in Germany it is only allowed to drive 60 km/h on federal roads. Even if he illegally drives 80 km/h, I’m not an obstacle but still behind.

  3. this thing is going FORWARD!
    in a crash.. Find the mistake.

    After more and more incompetent self-forgotten “drivers” with their
    SUV cucumbers are on the move and just a COMA PATIENT rolling
    Mistakes that advertisers call AUTONOM are rather dreadful.

    How hard is it to understand a MINI 1970??
    Today that would be a 399 kilo, 15 kw car that is 150 cm wide and 300 cm long
    that does what a 30/50/70kmh city-slightly suburban car does.
    ps I wasn’t talking about TRUCKS, unfortunately you have to pack that in 2022
    because READINESS also increased significantly..lol


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