MILES takes another 100 VW ID.3 in the CarSharing fleet

MILES takes another 100 VW ID.3 in the CarSharing fleet-another

MILES, the largest group-independent car sharing provider, already fleeted 150 Volkswagen IDs in March 2021.3 Pure into their own carsharing portfolio. Since then, these have mainly been used in Hamburg. In Hamburg, almost 200 MILES vehicles are now electric. Billing is based on kilometers driven. Now the car fleet in the south, in Munich, should be extended to e-vehicles. Over the next few weeks, over 100 VW ID.3 are available for rent in the stationless sharing model.

The CarSharer also indicates that the number should continue to increase in the future, because MILES aims to gradually electrify its vehicle fleet and, on average, to have an electrified fleet than the German average. The decision to expand to Munich was based on the city of Munich’s progressive approach and the cooperative collaboration with new mobility providers.

Munich promotes car sharing with regard to parking regulations. This includes suspending the maximum parking time, lifting restrictions on resident parking spaces and a parking fee per car. There is also a separate subsidy for parking e-car sharing vehicles. According to Oliver Mackprang, CEO of MILES, this is exactly what is necessary for e-car sharing to work, as he explained in an interview with already gave to understand.

“Such subsidies are crucial for our decision-making processes. The operating costs of e-car sharing are higher* and some areas of application can be omitted, for example if a long distance is planned but the load is only 20 percent full. This is where range anxiety comes into play.– Oliver Mackprang, CEO of MILES

MILES has been active with its van sharing service in Munich since 2019, and the provider rolled out its fleet of cars in Munich in April 2021.

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