Mini confirms rumors and shows John Cooper Works model with electric drive

Mini confirms rumors and shows John Cooper Works model with electric drive-rumors

Mini confirms the rumors already inflicted in November for an electrified variant of his own vehicles. Planned it is the profile of John Copper Works to sharpen brand-typical performance properties with locally emission-free drive. The consistent expansion of electromobility and additional ways to experience the brand-typical driving pleasure is the focus of the realignment for Mini model program.

Further executed gives the BMW brand to understand that this electrification of the brand John Cooper Works open new perspectives. However, as can be read from the press release, it should be completely new mini models, which in electrified form preserves a perfomance upgrade by John Cooper Works: “With the future vehicle architectures of Mini, the possibility is created, extreme driving pleasure and a consistently-aligned characteristic no longer to realize exclusively with internal combustion engines, but also with electrified drives.”

Mini confirms rumors and shows John Cooper Works model with electric drive-showsMini / BMW AG

You have decided for an electrification, since you already see with the MINI PHEV, as well as the purely electrical mini, that there is a corresponding demand on the market. With this experience as well as in anticipation of the future technology packages, the Perfomance brand now prepares the development of John Cooper Works models with electrified drive as a further step.

“With the Mini Electric we showed how good driving pleasure and electromobility match. Now is the time to transfer the performance character of the John Cooper Works brand to the electromobility. That’s why we are very intensively involved with concepts for John Cooper Works models with electrified drive.”- Bernd KOrber, Head of Brand Mini

The current impulses for the development of a MINI John Cooper Works Electric make it clear that electromobility has a central importance for the future orientation of the brand. How to understand Mini will be able to combine sustainability and extreme sportiness in unique form. But it is also clear that burners will continue to be important: “John Cooper Works models with conventional combustion engines will continue to play an important role in parallel to fulfill the wishes and needs of our performance-oriented fans around the world,” says Bernd KOrber. “With the new focus on electrified performance, we also create the opportunity to sharpen even more than before the independent profile of the brand John Cooper Works,” says the Head of the Mini brand.

Mini confirms rumors and shows John Cooper Works model with electric drive-johnMini / BMW AG

Already in the beginning of November, corresponding rumors came to a Perfomance version of the MINI Cooper SE: The Electric Perfomance version of the Cooper SE should come to the street as Mini Electric GP, so the mostly well informed BMWBblog. In addition, it is so that the project has already received green light, performance data has not been communicated so far. This has not changed by the official commitment of BMW.

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  1. Mini electric makes huge fun. It is hard to understand why there is a mini even as a burner. A mini is an ideal urban car, which could run the electrical rank to a zoe smoothly, if there are not the price differences. But Mini is different league. He should receive a little more range in the future.

  2. Looks really good but still burning platform, even here again as long as the entire vehicle is not planned on emotion is the nix ..
    Alone a vehicle completely has its own E platform can bring up to 100km and the room gain in the vehicle.


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