Mini Cooper SE (2023) appears on the official teaser

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The British brand aims to be fully electric by the early 2030s

Mini Cooper SE (2023) appears on the official teaser-appears

Long nothing more from Mini heard. No wonder: you are currently waiting in vain for real new models. But now the brand of the BMW Group is expressing itself in detail about its future. Behind long explanations on sustainability, responsibility and innovation there are also substantial things to report.

This is what the timetable looks like: Mini will be presenting a new generation as early as 2023 of purely electrically powered models. Two models, which were developed for purely electric mobility from the start, are produced in China. The successor of the current Mini Countryman will also be built from 2023 at the BMW plant in Leipzig with both electrified drive and combustion engines. All other mini models will continue to be produced in Oxford, UK.

By the beginning of the 2030s, Mini will be a fully electric brand. In the construction of the high-voltage batteries, Mini relies on comparatively small energy storage devices, which ensure a range adapted to urban mobility and at the same time do not impair the power consumption and agility of the vehicles due to their excessive weight.

The new mini three-door for 2023 seems to be getting shorter

Mini Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 and Mini Cooper SE now account for 15 percent of Mini's total worldwide sales. This proportion is expected to increase to 50 percent by 2027. At the beginning of the 2030s, Mini will only have purely electrically powered models in its range.

The future core portfolio of purely electrically powered vehicles will include the mini 3-door and a crossover model in the small car and in the premium compact segment. With a conventional internal combustion engine drive, the brand's small car models and a crossover model in the premium compact segment are also available.

Mini assumes that all-electric automobiles will account for 50 percent of Mini's total global sales by 2027. The last new mini model with a purely internal combustion engine will be launched on the market as early as 2025.

Also for the sub-brand John Cooper Works Consistent electrification offers new perspectives. Mini is working intensively on concepts for John Cooper Works models with electrified drives.

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In order to benefit even more intensely than before from global growth in this vehicle class, Mini will also be offering a crossover model in the small car segment that will only be available with a purely electric drive.

From 2023 onwards, the new models of the small car segment developed for pure e-mobility will be produced in China. Production takes place in a newly built automobile plant in eastern China.

Picture gallery: Mini Cooper SE (2023) Teaser

Mini Cooper SE (2023) appears on the official teaser-cooper

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