Mini Cooper SE as a safety car for Formula E.

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Electric pacesetter is inspired by the John Cooper Works

Mini Cooper SE as a safety car for Formula E.-formula

While last season with the BMW i8 is "just" a plug-in hybrid in the all-electric Formula E racing series When the safety car ensured safety, a real EV is now starting again. The "Mini Electric Pacesetter inspired by JCW" is the new safety car of the racing series and, according to the manufacturer, connects the electrified future of the brand with the rich racing history of John Cooper Works.

The fact that it is a Mini as the base vehicle is still clearly recognizable despite the John Cooper Works treatment. At the same time, the Mini Safety Car doesn't look much like the electric Cooper SE to do off the shelf. Wheel arches adapted to the track width, a deeply drawn front apron with an additional front splitter, larger air openings for cooling the brakes, white "front flashers" and bonnet stripes that continue over the roof and rear should be mentioned here.

On the side, pronounced side skirts, spars and spoilers testify to the flow optimization. The latter also integrates the lighting system required for a safety car, which was manufactured using the 3D printing process in the Oxford plant.

The wheel arches on display also emphasize the wide track at the rear and merge seamlessly with the pronounced rear apron. It is cut out in the area of ​​the wheels and reveals the racing tires with more grip. Finally, there is a diffuser between the wheels.

Comfort? Nothing! Only the front row of seats is available. The driver's area consists of a certified seat with a 6-point belt, approved for both racing and road use, a steering wheel with a minimally designed carbon impact absorber and a digital instrument cluster. The central information display gave way to a carbon cover to further reduce weight. The center console contains the gear selector switch as well as the handbrake and controls for the necessary signal lights.

In the slimmed-down carbon door panel with window regulator and door opener, a fabric loop makes it easier to close the door. Otherwise, the interior consists of a welded roll cage, which ensures maximum safety. The rest of the stripped interior structure is also painted in typical motorsport white for functional reasons.

The know-how of BMW Motorsport is under the new and partly functional design of the Mini Electric Pacesetter. Consistent lightweight construction helps the Safety Car to reduce its weight by around 130 kg compared to the series version. This means that the Formula E supervisor has an empty weight of 1,230 kg despite the numerous additions to the outside area.

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Mini Cooper SE as a safety car for Formula E.-safety Mini Cooper SE (2020) in the test: having fun with electricity

The optimized drive based on the MINI Cooper SE continues to deliver 135 kW (184 hp) and instead of 270, 280 Newton meters of torque. It goes to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds (7.3 s in series production) and 60 km / h in 3.6 seconds (3.9 s in series production). But even more important with a safety car is the pull-through data. Here the Mini Electric Pacesetter manages the intermediate sprint from 80 to 120 km / h in 4.3 seconds (4.6 s in series production).

Together with the drive, the three-way adjustable coilover suspension in terms of pull, pressure, height and camber was adjusted to give the maximum go-kart feeling. The overall package is rounded off by a suspension link from motorsport, a track widening of ten millimeters as well as a four-piston brake system and 18-inch rims from the Mini John Cooper Works GP with Michelin Pilot Sport tires in size 245 / 40R. Incidentally, the same tires with which the front wheels of Formula E racing cars are fitted.

The first use of the new safety car is imminent. On April 10, 2021, the time has come in Rome as part of the second Formula E event. Bruno Correia, the official FIA Safety Car driver for Formula E, will then be at the wheel. His opinion: "The agility, the performance and a cool-looking car. The Mini Electric Pacesetter Safety Car for the FIA ​​Formula E World Championship has it all. Driving is a lot of fun and it feels like karting." And even if the Mini looks really sharp, we hope that the security team doesn't have to intervene in the racing too often.

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Mini Cooper SE as a safety car for Formula E.-cooper


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