Mini Cooper SE in the test: All data on range, charging, drive, space & price tests

Mini missed an electric drive to its iconic city car. Site tested the Mini Cooper SE in practice.

Electric car is increasingly called electric SUV: Tesla wants to crack the success of its model 3 with its compact SUV Model Y, VW has recently been producing the fashion-Y competitor ID.4 and also BMW, Toyota and various China manufacturers are planning new electricity SUV.

For most cities, however, SUVs are too big. But: How do we elect the traffic in the cities, and if possible without more SUV? The specialist for hip City cars since 1959 shows the solution: a fully electric mini. Eight years ago there was a small test fleet of electrified minis in Munich, which anticipated the drive technology of the BMW Stromer i3.

With the current generation of the Bavarian Englishman, the series version of the Elektro-Mini is finally appearing. Site has tested what the Mini Cooper SE is good and whether he also brings the go-kart feeling of a classic mini.


Like the i3S from the BMW group, the electric mini relies on a 135 kW (184 hp) electric motor. This enables rich acceleration for the quick lane change and the traffic light sprint – from a standing start you are at 60 km/h in 3.9 seconds, outside up to 100 speeds take 7.3 seconds.

Unlike the futuristic carbon car with the white-blue logo, the mini drives its front wheels. The conventional minis bring the front -wheel drive up to over 300 hp – it is therefore not surprising that the Cooper SE chassis digest the electric torque well. The disadvantage: the car springs hard, so many bumps are felt unfiltered by the inmates.

With the traffic light sprint and in the curve, the excellent traction control, which is also used at I3S, helps: the electronics take away performance very sensitively before the car begins to subordinate in curves or lets the steering feel influences. However, as a small mini-owns, it allows the bikes to squeak and thus meet extroverted curvies. A low center of gravity and short overhangs make the mini agile and agile like a squirrel.

The E-Mini has three driving modes: sports mode for the most spontaneous power development and a direct steering, the balanced standard setting MID as well as the power-saving modes Green and Green Plus. The latter mode maximizes the range by reducing or deactivating all comfort functions.

The driving levels are inserted with a lever that gives away a lot of space in the center console. The BMW i3 is much braver and airier here; It turns out that the mini is ultimately only a petrol engine converted to the electricity.

Mini Cooper SE in the test: All data on range, charging, drive, space & price tests-mini
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Efahrer

You also have a selection in recuperation (brake energy recovery). With "Toggle" switch you switch between strong recuperation (high braking effect with more energy recovery) and weak recuperation (less braking effect, for quick driving the more pleasant setting). According to the BMW, there were no paddles on the steering wheel, because e-car drivers either want to recuerate strongly or not at all-so it would be better to drive the car as they are used to from a petrol engine.

Like the Cooper S without ‘e’ with the same performance, the SE is a lively and fun car, in contrast to the turbo engine of the petrol engine, the electric machine reacts without any delay. Overall, the SE and with the extremely low side inclination can hide the additional weight compared to the S. He is just as fast – as long as it doesn’t go on the highway. Cooper SE is limited to 150 km/h. German Cooper fans may find that terribly, but it doesn’t matter in the international markets. However, the limitation is reasonable because the range would be far too small at higher speeds.

Consumption and range

The Mini was never designed as a long-distance car, its domain is the city and short-haul traffic. And yet the range of Cooper SE is a disappointment: at motorway pace 130 km/h, the 32.6 kWh is sufficient for 135 kilometers. Even the trip from Munich to the ski areas on the Alps will be a challenge on cold days. There are a good 200 kilometers in city traffic.

Because the charging capacity is a maximum of 50 kW and over 50 percent falls off in charging stalls, long distances become time -consuming torture. The mini will therefore be used as a time car and loaded at home – nevertheless the developers have provided the loading connection on the right side of the car. Owners of narrow garages swear quickly through this decision.

How far do I get with an electric car? Many who want to buy or lease are asking themselves this question. The site range computer shows how far you can drive with an electric car, hybrid or plug-in hybrid purely electrically.

Mini Cooper SE in the test: All data on range, charging, drive, space & price tests-test
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Efahrer

Interior & space

The new E-Mini has more lametta than the former test fleet car: yellow colored adorned parts and the closed grille indicate the e-version, as well as the 16 or 17-inch aluminum rims in particular, depending on the equipment. They are a real eye -catcher.

Cooper SE is only offered in the smallest body variant with three doors. This is also not suitable for the combustion versions of conveniently promoting four adults. At Cooper SE there is even less space left because the seat has to give space to the battery in the back. Smaller children still find space.

The feeling of space at the front, on the other hand, is very good: the very good sports seats with adjustable seating, which offer excellent lateral support and are also comfortable on longer distances (which the e-mini does not even do)) are convenient. The good overview also contributes to the good sense of space: the mini saves the increasing window line that show the compact cars of all manufacturers today. The shoulder view is worthwhile in the mini, cyclists and other potential obstacles are easy to see.

The trunk was not restricted by the t-shaped battery in the underbody, which means that it is as small with 211 liters as with the gasoline engine. Even if the designers try to hide it: Ultimately, the mini remains a subsequent electric solution for which its platform was actually not developed. The optional glass sliding roof is pleasant. In summer you can switch off the air conditioning and save electricity while the sun greets from above.

Mini Cooper SE in the test: All data on range, charging, drive, space & price tests-mini
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Efahrer

Operation and infotainment

Since the first mini generation of BMW, the round instrument in the center console has existed as a design feature: where the speedometer used to be, today there is simply a rather right-wing LCD touch display with a circular buttons that are only tiny according to today’s standards can designate. This indicates the point deduction, despite the basically well -constructed menu navigation.

The navigation in Cooper SE works well, but cannot keep up with the big BMW navigation. In particular, reality traffic is dropped something. It is therefore a shame that it is still not intended to integrate Android cell phones with Google Maps. Only Apple’s carplay is usable.

The equipment with assistance systems is weak: the cruise control is a variant without sensor support that simply holds the set speed. The Mini is very clear to competitors such as Opel Corsa-E or Hyundai Kona Elektro.

Price and equipment

The electric mini costs 32.500 euros, minus the environmental bonus it will then be 23.500 euro. While the Mini brand normally breathes when it comes to equipment, you don’t dare to do this with the e-version: LED headlights, navigation system, two-zone automatic climate automatic and the heat pump are standard on board.

As far as driving fun is concerned, the mini plays in its own class. It combines the possibilities of the spontaneous electric drive perfectly with the curve-greed mini chassis. Outside the driving fun class there is little that speaks for the Mini: All competitors offer larger batteries, much more range and space. Who are not important to these criteria and around 23.000 euros are not too much, he will enjoy his joy at Cooper SE.

Mini Cooper SE in the test: All data on range, charging, drive, space & price tests-data
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Efahrer

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