Mini Cooper SE Pre-orders blow up the production volume

Mini Cooper SE Pre-orders blow up the production volume-blow

At the beginning of July, the Electric Mini Cooper SE celebrated its premiere: from 32.500 euros with 135 kW / 184 hp and a range of 235 km he is therefore. Should the rumors be right that until the end of 2022 only around 5.If 000 vehicles are provided per year, you can already state today that the pre-orders have blown up the production volume of the Mini Cooper SE.

Meanwhile, Tens of thousands of pre-orders are already discussed at BMW for the E-Mini coming next year. In fact, these are supposed to be real pre-orders for which potential buyers have not only expressed interest, but have also made a down payment. In addition, you have “already over 45.000 registered interested parties,” said Elena Eder, project manager for the E-Mini, to the FAZ.

One can only wish for MINI that production can be ramped up. The new MINI Cooper SE is produced in the brand’s home country. It rolls off the assembly line at the MINI plant in Oxford together with the conventionally powered versions of the model. Its drive technology comes from the competence centers for electromobility of the BMW Group in Dingolfing and Landshut.

Production at the MINI plant in Oxford in particular poses another challenge for BMW: Brexit. Because the start of production is scheduled for April 1st. scheduled for November. One day after the UK’s planned exit from the EU on 31. October. But you seem to be prepared for it. “Brexit is a disruptive factor. Whatever the outcome, we are prepared for all cases,” Eder told the newspaper. “We’re not blown away by that, it’s been talked about for so long now that we’re prepared for all eventualities.”

We just looked at current changes at the BMW Group, interesting developments and controversies in the field of e-mobility in one of the last podcast episodes. In this I also go into detail about the MINI Cooper SE. So feel free to listen if you want to know more.

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5 thoughts on “Mini Cooper SE Pre-orders blow up the production volume”

  1. If BMW can only achieve a range of 235 km, this clearly shows the performance level to which our formerly highly praised Made in Germany technology has fallen!

  2. We tested the Mini SE over the weekend. People as a vehicle for short-term use and a radius of 100 kilometers a super car. Great interior excellent driving performance an all-round successful vehicle.

  3. Have the Cooper se for 2 weeks am approx. 2000 km driven and I am thrilled! A great FZ lively, manoeuvrable and great for parking, ideal for the city. The range (around 200 km) is sufficient for me in everyday life. With a wall box, the Mini can also be quickly charged at home. Charging at e-charging stations is also easy! The Mini is certainly not the first choice for vacation trips, but it is environmentally friendly, economical, very quiet and covers 90% of my annual km that I drive by car!


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