Mini does not want to sell any more combustion cars from 2030

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BMW boss Zipse wants to announce the group’s electrical plans on Wednesday

Mini does not want to sell any more combustion cars from 2030-want

Mini only wants to sell electric cars from 2030. This is now reported by the news magazine "Der Spiegel", citing insiders. At the balance sheet press conference next Wednesday, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse wants to announce this news – and presumably also sharpen his goals for the electrification of the group.

In the last few weeks, the corporations have been pushing each other on with ever more stringent electrification plans. So did Volvo and Ford Europe announced that it will no longer offer cars with combustion engines from 2030 – that is, no plug-in hybrids either.

Mini does not want to sell any more combustion cars from 2030-want

The Renault Group announced at its Renaulution event suggests that Alpine should become a purely electric brand, and the same applies to the VW subsidiary Bentley.

VW recently announced that by 2030, 70 percent of sales in Europe will come from electric carss wants to contest instead of the previously planned 35 percent. At Porsche, around 80 percent of the new vehicle fleet should be powered by plug-in hybrids or electric drives in 2030. And BMW ore competitor Mercedes does not want to put an end to combustion engines until 2039, but CEO Ola Kallenius has made it clear that he wants to bring this date forward.

More about the end of the burner: Mini does not want to sell any more combustion cars from 2030-mini These automakers are switching entirely to electric drives

Mini does not want to sell any more combustion cars from 2030-sell Nine EU countries are demanding an end date for the internal combustion engine

But back to Mini. The small car department of the BMW Group wants to bring the last new model with a combustion engine onto the market in 2025, according to the Spiegel report. Two years later, 50 percent of the cars sold are said to be e-models (although it remains unclear whether this also includes plug-in hybrids). From the beginning of the 2030s, however, only all-electric new cars will be sold.

So far, BMW has only offered an electric version of the Mini three-door, the Mini Cooper SE. In 2023, the Countryman with plug-in hybrid drive is to be replaced by a purely electric model. Also from 2023, an electric mini for China is planned in cooperation with BMW partner Great Wall arise, as was announced in October 2020.

At that time, however, it was said that, in addition to the electric models, "vehicles with internal combustion engines will also be offered in the coming years. For target groups and regions whose mobility needs cannot, or not yet, be met with purely electric drives, vehicles with highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines will continue to be available in the future an ideal solution. " That is why Mini is pursuing a "Power of Choice" strategy.

At that time, the future portfolio was outlined as follows:

  • Electric cars: mini 3-door, a small car crossover, a compact crossover
  • With conventional drive: the brand’s small car models, a compact crossover

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