Mini under power: Sales of the E model doubled

Mini under power: Sales of the E model doubled-sales

The British car manufacturer Mini is growing and continues to rely on electricity. This is from a communication of the company. According to this, the brand increased its worldwide sales by 3.3 percent to just over 300 in 2021.000 vehicles. The mini models with electrified drives were in high demand. Their sales figures are said to have increased by 64.3 percent to 53,243 vehicles. The all-electric Mini Cooper SE was the winner of the year. He was able to sell his heels at just under 35.000 copies almost double. According to the company, it is the most popular variant in the portfolio.

According to Mini, there were also a good 18.000 vehicles of the SE Countryman ALL4. The plug-in hybrid recorded a sales increase of 24.2 percent. The two electrified models together accounted for around 18 percent of total global sales in the past year. “The excellent overall result and the fact that every tenth new Mini is fully electric shows that our future strategy is setting the right priorities,” says Mini boss Bernd KOrber.

The world’s most important market for the Cooper SE was Germany in 2021, where more than 10.000 vehicles were sold. Together with almost 3500 copies of the plug-in model, 31 percent of all new Minis registered in 2021 were electrified. According to Mini, a higher proportion is only achieved in a few countries worldwide – including Norway, where around 96 percent of all Minis delivered have a plug. This rate is only exceeded by Iceland. Only electrified Minis were sold there for the first time in 2021.

But Mini not only achieved new records in e-mobility. The sports brand John Cooper Works also posted new sales records in 2021. More than 21 voted worldwide.000 customers the top athletes of the respective series.

Overall, the Mini 3-door led with 105.511 new registrations also in 2021 the brand-internal sales statistics. The classic body variant achieved a sales increase of 10.1 percent. The Countryman increased its sales by 6.0 percent to 82.Increase 362 units. According to the company, the demand for driving fun in the open air also developed positively. The Mini Cabrio sold 25,121 units worldwide – almost 7,500 of which were delivered in Germany. That was significantly more than in the UK, the main market.

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  1. If the E-Mini is selling so well, the question arises as to why the popular convertible isn’t also being offered as a fully electric version.


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