Mini works at Performance version of the Mini Cooper SE

Mini works at Performance version of the Mini Cooper SE-works

With a completely electrified model family, Mini will enable customers in the future locally emission-free driving pleasure. In parallel, MINI will offer vehicles with internal combustion engines in the coming years. This made the BMW subsidiary recently to understand. The future core portfolio of purely electrically powered vehicles will include the Mini 3-door, a new crossover model in the small car segment and also a compact crossover model. In addition, rumors were loud that Mini work on a performance version of the Mini Cooper SE.

The electro-perfomance version of the Cooper SE is to come to the road as Mini Electric GP, so the mostly well informed BMWBblog. In addition, it is so that the project has already received green light, performance data has not been communicated so far. However, due to information from an “extremely reliable source” as well as photos of MINI-CONNECTOR-contained mini-streamers can be seen that “the new” influences of the John Cooper Works models with internal combustion engine. A larger air inlet under the closed grille, as well as a John Cooper Works stitching tail suggest.

Sometimes it is so that the Cooper SE relies on the E-engine from the BMW i3s and thus brings 135 kW power to the start. In contrast to the i3s, however, the mini-strainer relies on front wheel drive. Due to a changed battery installation situation in the mini you had to do without appropriate battery capacity and could not install the 42.2 kWh battery of the BMW i3s, but only a 32.6 kWh big battery.

It is clear that the space is also limited to the Mini Electric GP. Accordingly, one may also go out with this model of no extensive wonders. It should even be rather suggested that the battery of the Cooper is retained. Instead, it is already clear that the Electric GP could have the John Cooper Works models via the sports suspension and could be obtained “a little more power”. Official information is still out.

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