Ministry promotes environmentally friendly trucks – switch to alternative drives is supported

Ministry promotes environmentally friendly trucks - switch to alternative drives is supported-friendly

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has presented a funding guideline for energy-efficient and/or low-CO2 trucks, which was published in the Federal Gazette at the beginning of June and is to come into force one day later. The first applications could therefore probably be submitted to the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) as early as July.

With the adoption of the funding guideline, the purchase of trucks and tractor units with natural gas drive (CNG), liquid drive (LNG) or certain electric drives (pure battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles) will be eligible for funding. However, there are a few points to consider. Eligible trucks must be intended for goods transport, among other things, and their permissible total weight must be at least 7.5 tons.

“We want to help haulage companies switch to environmentally friendly trucks. Everyone will benefit from the switch – the haulage companies, the environment and the residents living on particularly polluted roads.“ – Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport

The vehicles must be offered for sale as a series new vehicle in an EU member state. Furthermore, these must go beyond the level of environmental protection required by Union standards at the time of purchase or, in the absence of such standards, improve environmental protection. However, the amount of the subsidy depends on the type of drive.

This is a flat rate per truck and tractor unit: 8.000 euros for CNG; 12.000 Euro for LNG and electric drives for vehicles up to 12 tons; 40.000 euros for electric drives for vehicles from 12 tons. The subsidy is limited to 500 per company.000 euros limited. In 2018 alone, 10 million euros are available for the funding program. It is initially limited to the end of 2020.

From the beginning of 2019, electric trucks are also to be completely exempt from the truck toll. A large proportion of the approximately 11 vehicles already registered in Germany will benefit from the toll exemption.800 electric commercial vehicles will benefit. A toll saving of about 5.000 euros per year and commercial vehicle from 7.5 t gross vehicle weight.

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