Mobile phone calls: Every second man holds his cell phone to his ear in the car


Every second man has his cell phone to his ear in the car

Mobile phone calls: Every second man holds his cell phone to his ear in the car-every

Both hands belong on the steering wheel

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Despite a 40 euro fine and a point in Flensburg, drivers continue to make phone calls with their mobile phones in hand. The women do it (a little) better.

W.If you make a phone call or write an SMS while driving, you are not only endangering yourself and other road users. If you get caught, you have to pay a fine of 40 euros and one point in Flensburg.

Almost half (48%) of all motorists do not seem to be interested, as a study by TNS Infratest with the mobile phone provider E-Plus has now revealed. At 41 percent, women use their mobile phones less often than men (55%).

The legislator clearly regulated telephoning behind the wheel more than ten years ago: "The vehicle driver is prohibited from using a cell phone or car phone if he picks up or holds the cell phone or the handset of the car phone for this purpose," says the road traffic regulations.

Strictly speaking, drivers are not even allowed to check whether someone has called or an SMS has arrived. However, use is permitted when the vehicle is stationary and the engine is switched off.

Incidentally, it gets expensive abroad: In Portugal and Slovenia, the offense costs 120 euros, in Austria from 50 euros and in Switzerland the equivalent of 70 euros. It gets really uncomfortable in Italy (from 155 euros). And if you are involved in an accident with your cell phone to your ear, you will usually be awarded partial blame even if the crash was not caused at all.

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