Monterey Auto Week in Pebble Beach: The dream fair

Monterey Auto Week in Pebble Beach

Where PS dreams still come true – the most fascinating car show in the world

Monterey Auto Week in Pebble Beach: The dream fair-auto
Press Inform Audi SkySphere Concept

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff (Monterey, California)

While cars in Europe are in rows, it looks different in California. the "Monterey Autoweek" Shows how exciting cars can be – whether sinfully expensive, rotting scrap box, roaring bolide or whirring electric car.

Such an event was also needed in Europe. Almost a week, tens of thousands of car fans come from all over the world to pay homage to the car and everything that has to do with it. the "Monterey Autoweek" is an event like no other – a festival for the automotive senses.

Pebble Beach offers the most fascinating car show in the world

Regardless of whether there is noble events such as the final Concours d’Elegance with its million -round classics on the connecting train one of the most famous golf courses in the world, the scrap box meeting Concours de Lemons by Seaside, Legends of the Autobahn, Concorso Italiano, the unofficial highlight of The Quail as the most exclusive car event the world or the countless auctions. The Monterey Autoweek, held every year in the third week of August, must have been seen as a car fan once.

Monterey Auto Week in Pebble Beach: The dream fair-auto
Press Inform Bugatti Bolide

After the corona -related cancellation last year, the demand for the numerous program items in the triangle from Laguna Seca, Monterey and Pebble Beach was greater than ever this time. But the organizers had to step on the brakes and carry out the events airier and more organized than in previous years. With the exception of the sometimes overcrowded auctions, this worked splendidly. Even if the Corona Pandemie has a firm grip on the USA and California, the mood was magnificent and the fans came from all over the country. Due to the strict entry restrictions, however, many international fans had to stay outside – but the mood hardly detached it.

Unplattable: the end of the tire as we know it

Monterey Auto Week in Pebble Beach: The dream fair-beach

Site/Wochit Unplattable: the end of the tire as we know it

Vintage car and new Bugattis

The spectrum of the events is more gigantic in Pebble Beach than ever. Here Lamborghini, Audi, Bugatti, Aston Martin or Bentley reveal their latest creations while a few miles continue to meet Italian sports cars and sip the most delicious espresso or the largest rattling boxes at the Seaside town hall. Mercedes gives its best customers behind closed doors a secret view of the upcoming SL or shows spectacular individual pieces such as the 1952 300 SL "Hobel".

Monterey Auto Week in Pebble Beach: The dream fair-pebble
Press Inform Concours d’Alnance in Pebble Beach

Pininfarina and Rimac put their closely relatives and over 1900 hp electric nests on the stage and on a meadow at the gates of Monterey, the friends of the legendary VW Bullys meet. With its dark blue Ferrari F 430, which is actually a converted Toyota Celica from 2001, Kyle came from Ohio and Wienert on the fan mile Cannery Row his craft car. “I have the replica extra four weeks ago for 25.$ $ Bought, ”smiles the car fan,“ I drove here from Ohio for almost five days. I just wanted to show the car."A few miles continue to be happy to take over the takeover of Bugatti:" We were able to sell some cars here, "smiles the Croatian. Per Svantesson, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, is also satisfied: “Finally we can show our American interested parties to the finished battista. The demand is greater than ever."

Classics and 112 models for more than 2 million

It is once again the atmosphere this year that makes the difference. the "Monterey Autoweek" is not a boring trade fair for a special audience. Rather, it is the open trade fair of the third millennium – an oversized family festival in which there is something for every car fan. BMW 2002, Audi 200 or Mercedes 560 SEL are admired at Legends on Autobahn as well as roaring racing cars on the nearby Laguna Seca racetrack, which thunder down the Cork Crew Corner. Experienced sizes from the international economy get hands on Sunday morning when the beloved classic at the Dawn Patrol drives on the lawn of the Concours d’ELEDANCE, in order to be taken under the jurors. A badge increases the already impressive value into immeasurable.

Monterey Auto Week in Pebble Beach: The dream fair-pebble
Press Inform Pebble Beach Auto show

The winner this year at Pebble Beach again a pre -war car: the Mercedes 540 K motorway Kurier from the Keller collection from 1938. Not only for motorsport fans a highlight on the final day: the special exhibitions for 50 years of Porsche 917, the Carrera Panamericana or also half a century Lamborghini Countach. Perfect that Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann was able to reveal a new edition of the Countach-112 models for more than two million euros each, just half as expensive as the Bugatti Bolide. And probably none of the Porsche 917 racing car would have to be bought for this.

Ticket prices from $ 0 to $ 1,000

Once it was only classics that provide the tone around the Pebble Beach peninsula, many car manufacturers have long presented their latest models, while a few meters further pre -war models and individual pieces from small series manufacturers are over the table. Many events do not cost a cent – for other events, tickets cost 400, $ 800 or $ 1,000 – with endlessly long waiting lists. But the mood is equally unique everywhere, relaxed, casual and just as in love as it can only work in the USA. Major collectors look at rattling boxes on the side of the road, discuss with young fans until late into the night and let fans do a round with their favorites without abdominal pain. In the evening, RM Sotheby’s, Goodings or Mecum is about valuable classics from more than a hundred years of automotive history before going to the exclusive parties in the villas.

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Monterey Auto Week in Pebble Beach: The dream fair-pebble

Site/Wochit When driving was still freedom: the shrillest carts of the 70s

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