More Power & Electrical Range for Volvos PheV models

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More Power & Electrical Range for Volvos PheV models-electrical

Volvos Recharge models of the 60s and 90s family are now available with optimized plug-in hybrid technology. Thanks to a larger battery not only the performance, but also the electrical reach rises. The models thus meet the expected from the 1. January 2022 prescribed legal requirements for further use of BAFA promotion as well as the reduced company car taxation. The beautiful: According to the manufacturer, the entry-level prices in the series should remain unchanged.

The most important improvements include a new battery, which now has three cell layers with a total capacity of 18.8 kWh and a 145 hp electric motor on the rear axle. Through this power syringe, the Recharge T6 models now achieve a combined total power of 350 hp, which now 455 hp T8 will even become the most powerful Volvo models of all time. The enlarged battery should also be advantageous both on cold winter days and at high temperatures. Even if the vehicle is not connected to the socket, the driver can preheat the interior over the Volvo’s own app, whereby the electrical reach should now be less affected even less. The new powertrain will be introduced for all Volvo Recharge Phev models based on the scalable product architecture (SPA) – so all 60s and 90s models. In addition to the improved electric powertrain, the T8 turbotinine was also upgraded to achieve higher fuel efficiency and performance. The engine now develops a higher engine power at low speed and at startup.

More Power & Electrical Range for Volvos PheV models-electricalVolvo

Electric driving and brakes with just one pedal

The new and improved E-Motor, according to the manufacturer, increase the performance on the rear wheels by 65 percent, which should improve the driving behavior in all scenarios. In combination with the reinforced battery, the E-engine also optimizes the four-wheel drive: at low speed, towing and slippery roads, more traction and stability are available now. In addition to the new powertrain, the Swedish car manufacturer has also introduced the so-called one-pedal driving in selected models. This means that the vehicle can only accelerate with the accelerator pedal and can be braked up to the stylist. This upgrade will first be introduced in Volvo XC60 Recharge, Volvo S90 Recharge and Volvo V90 Recharge, other models will follow.

With the increased battery capacity and the plus of performance and reach and the consistent entry-level prices, Volvo wants to make the entry into electromobility even more attractive. The big ranges of the plug-in hybrids should enable it to be used in particular in urban traffic and in cities almost all routes purely electrically and – thus valuable Volvo – the CO2 emissions in the WLTP driving cycle to reduce up to 50 percent. “We write the year 2021 and people should no longer depend on petrol or diesel when commuting to work,” explains Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Volvo Cars. Furthermore, he thinking “Our latest plug-in hybrids offer more electric range than most people need everyday life.”

Volvo Cars has set itself the goal of taking a leadership and pioneering role on the fast-growing market for premium electric cars. By mid-this decade, the company wants to sell 1.2 million cars worldwide each year, of which at least half should be completely electric. In addition, the company would like to offer only purely electrically driven vehicles by 2030 by 2030. Volvos Phevs are a pioneer: Already they are customer surveys according to about half of the time in pure electro mode used. “Driving a plug-in hybrid is often a springboard for purely electric driving,” says Henrik Green. “We believe that this upgrade will show many that electric driving is the future. This makes us closer to our goal for 2030 to drive completely electrically.”

Source: Volvo press release

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