More solar stream than necessary: Sonnenstaat cracks new solar record-News

In the sun -drenched South Australia, more solar power is currently being produced than the entire region can consume. A new record value has now been reached. In the video you will learn everything about the most important providers of solar systems in Germany.

South Australia is a real pioneer in terms of generation and use of renewable energies. On average, a whopping 62 percent of the energy required there by wind power and PV systems. The country has the international leadership when it comes to the proportion of renewable energies on the electricity mix. In Germany, an average of almost 48 percent is expected for the current year.

Record: 106 percent of the demand covered by solar

South Australia was able to. October 2021, reporting a new record when it comes to generated solar energy, reports At 11.10 a.m. local time, a share of 106.1 percent of state demand was generated by solar stream and at least 100 percent of this demand was covered for almost an hour. Later on the same day, only the PV roof systems installed there delivered with a total output of 1.134 megawatts alone a share of 88.7 percent of total electricity demand.

More solar stream than necessary: Sonnenstaat cracks new solar record-News-necessary
gettyimages More solar stream than necessary: Sonnenstate cracks new solar record

Record value despite the throttled performance

In combination with wind power, the electricity requirement there could be 100 percent covered from renewable energy several times. However, the fact that at the time of the record result do not ran all PV systems for full performance at the time of the record result. Two large solar parks of the state in Bungala and Tailem Bend had reduced their production, probably due to the low electricity prices, the report says.

The state is also very committed when it comes to the addition of PV systems. In South Australia, socially weaker households have recently been able to choose free PV systems. Prerequisite: Obligants must have their own home, no existing solar system may still have and must be entitled to receive concession payments for energy and living costs. Such concessions are awarded to households with low incomes in Australia. The owners of such concessions can now choose to exchange their concession payments for a brand new solar system as part of the state government’s political program "Switch for Solar", we reported.

Solar systems: All important providers at an overview

Produce your own electricity for your house and electric car. The photovoltaic providers offer different advantages and disadvantages. In our extensive purchase advice we will find out about the largest solar players in Germany.

Buying solar systems: There are providers and they have these advantages and disadvantages

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