More than 50 for the first time.000 public charging points available

More than 50 for the first time.000 public charging points available-public

The goal – one million public charging points in Germany by 2030 – is still a long way off, but the expansion is progressing: With 1. December 2021 there were a total of 50 at the Federal Network Agency.901 publicly accessible charging points for electric vehicles reported. That’s 23% more than December 2020, and 77% more than December 2019. In more than half of the municipalities in Germany, however, there is still no single public charging column for e-cars.

3.The population register includes 500 operators. Half of the charging points are operated by the 50 largest operators. The energy group EnBW is with almost 2.900 charging points the largest among them, followed by Eon subsidiary Charge-On (about 1.700) and Allego (around 1.600). Most operators (about 3.200), on the other hand, have fewer than ten charging points, for example in retail outlets or at company headquarters.

In total there are now approx. 1.5 GW public charging capacity installed, i.e. 29.8 kW on average per charging point. The proportion of fast charging points is increasing continuously and is currently 14.9% (same month last year 13.6%). The number of charging points with more than 150 kW has more than doubled compared to the same month last year, from 1.385 in 2020 to 2.936.

The majority of the charging processes will continue to take place in the private sector, it says in the ENBW ENBW ENBW network BW. “The number of reports for private charging stations is increasing exponentially,” says Markus Wunsch, Head of Network Integration Electromobility at Netze BW.

Operators of publicly accessible charging points are obliged to report their charging infrastructure to the Federal Network Agency. This checks whether the minimum technical requirements are met. Normal charging points with commissioning before April 17. March 2016 or charging capacities up to 3.7 kW are not recorded in the register, but can be reported voluntarily. An overview of Germany-wide charging points is available under charging infrastructure.

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  1. We need many more charging stations, especially fast chargers in urban areas, e.g.B. Shopping markets & Co..
    The Federal Network Agency should also make it its task to warn usury price providers because they harm the entire economy and BEVs.
    In particular, the companies that have received EU funding for the installation of their charging stations should be scrutinized.
    All prices above 50 cents per kWh are absolute extortion and should be capped.


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