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The Seat Mii electric in everyday testing. Does the smallest Stromer have enough space and range?

The city is his territory: Seat Mii electric.

You have to get used to that when you’re driving the Seat Mii electric: you’re often greeted with a “yeah” when you pull up somewhere.

But you can’t help yourself from time to time to think: “Yeah, he’s small.” For example, when you see how much parking space is still free around the 3.56 meter short and 1.65 meter wide Seat.

More than just “yeah”-just

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More than just “yeah”-just

More than just “yeah”-just

More than just “yeah”-just

More than just “yeah”-yeah

More than just “yeah”-just

More than just “yeah”-just

More than just “yeah”-just

More than just “yeah”-just

More than just “yeah”-just

More than just “yeah”-yeah

At a fast charging station, the battery is 80% full again after an hour.

The compact dimensions not only ensure sympathy among passers-by, they make the little Spaniard, which is identical in construction to the VW e-up! and the Skoda Citigo e-iv is the perfect everyday companion. Of course, the Autobahn is not his home: the battery has already used up its 36.8 kWh after around 130 kilometers. In addition, you can tell from the wind noise and directional stability that the Mii electric is more of a city car. If you only drive in town and on country roads, you can actually achieve the range of 259 kilometers specified by the factory. That’s more than enough for this purpose; The little one masters the short daily commutes and shopping trips with flying colors – and also convinces with its delay-free acceleration and silent running. Of course, the small electric car really shines when it comes to finding a parking space. It is manoeuvrable, clear and compact. Where you have to stop two or three times with other cars, you can easily and casually pull into the parking space with the Mii. There is always enough space in the rear seats for short journeys – but above all they are a welcome extension of the small trunk. If you go shopping alone or in pairs, you don’t have to fear the hardware store with the tiny one. The fact that you can’t find your way there with a built-in navigation system, but that you have to clip your smartphone into the holder provided on the dashboard, can be overcome when you look at the price sheet: The Seat costs from 25,500 francs. That definitely makes it the perfect second car.

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