Motor testers warn of pure electric focus

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"Pinner then build others for us": Engine experts warn of pure electric focus

Motor testers warn of pure electric focus-warn

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The experts from KST check and assess and assess electrical and combustion engines as well as hybrid and hydrogen drives for a large number of manufacturers. What do the drive experts think about the electrical discussion?

As a service provider of the automotive industry, KST has developed an excellent reputation for decades. The experts check and evaluate for a large number of manufacturers of electrical and internal engines as well as hybrid and hydrogen drives. The discussion about the drive of the future concerns the company directly.

Scientists demand correct CO2 calculation

Now, through an open letter from scientists to the EU Commission, doubts about the CO2 emissions of electrical drives have arisen: the additional requirements lead to a much higher CO2 emissions than previously assumed. We spoke to KST boss Professor Gerhard Reiff about the topic and the future of various drive types.GT spirit: Professor Reiff, is on the calculations of Prof. Koch something on it and could lead you to a re-evaluation of electric drives?Gerhard Reiff: It looks like this and it is also understandable that we cannot fall back on green electricity for the operation of the electric cars in the short and medium term in the planned extent. And a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) that is operated with a large proportion of coal current has a worse CO2 balance than a modern combustion engine, especially a diesel.The electric drive makes absolutely sense in certain market segments, but possibly one or the other very offensive transformation path must be re -evaluated again.

You build Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Supra: Now Magna also manufactures electric cars

Motor testers warn of pure electric focus-pure

Site You build Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Supra: Now Magna also manufactures electric cars

You can still see potential for noteworthy progress in the combustion engineer?Of course there is still potential there and a lot is already in preparation. Politically, it is only difficult at the moment, the word at all "Burner" to put in the mouth. What worries me is the consequence of this bad image for our offspring. The courses suffer dramatically from student loss. That in turn means that the competence of the combustion engines could have been dealing with itself in a relatively short time. Burners build others for us.

"At the electric car we stand where we were at the combustion engine in the 1950s"

What about the electric drive – you can count on technological breakthroughs in batteries and engines?Regardless of future chemical changes in the cell itself, there is still a lot of efficiency and lifespan potential in today’s technology, especially in thermal management and the interaction between the engine, inverter and battery. Basically we see that we are at the beginning of a long application -appropriate technological development. We are where we are at the burner in the 1950s of the 20. Century stood. So there is still a lot to do.

Every fourth new car now drives electrically: German mini-stromer in 1st place

Motor testers warn of pure electric focus-pure

Site Every fourth new car now drives electrically: German mini-stromer in 1st place

From your point of view, what solutions are available in order to reduce CO2 emissions as quickly and sustainably as possible?Actually a very simple bill. In Germany we currently have CO2 emissions through the traffic of approx. 150 million. Tons CO2 per year. If we quickly switch 30% of the fuel to C02-neutral synthetic fuel, we would have a reduction of approx. 50 million. metric tons.

The customers make a decision

For this, however, we need a commitment to these fuels, a crediting in the fleet consumption and a perspective of 20 to 30 years for investors so that an incentive to build the corresponding systems is created.How serious the announcements are to be taken to completely adjust combustion engines in the next few years?I think this decision does not make the manufacturers, but the customers in the various market regions, and I am very excited to see how much business the car manufacturers want to miss. I hope that it is still clear that we will have several targeted drive technologies in the future. And the efficient combustion engine, operated with synthetic fuels or hydrogen, is an alternative. With a very tolerable efficiency if we rate the environmental balance of the entire production and supply chain fairly.

Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

Motor testers warn of pure electric focus-testers

Site Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

Now learn more about the future of mobility

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13 thoughts on “Motor testers warn of pure electric focus”

  1. The infrastructure would be missing
    It is clear that there is not enough green energy available for e-mobility, … All people would now drive e-cars instead of burners. But environmental policy is usually very high ideology drives. This is a nice example of this.

  2. Burner
    Diesel in particular will accompany us for decades due to the lack of alternative. Here z.B. in rescue system, disaster protection, fire brigade, but also heavy transport or hobs. But also depending on the topography or climatic conditions. Since failure is complete. But also in agriculture, imagine an e tractor. Such equipment is then developed and produced abroad. Or z.B. Diesel generators, possibly. a generator with E drive ???

  3. And it gets even better
    The German automotive industry lives mostly from export and not all countries in which German cars drive, want to switch completely to e-mobility.

  4. The politic
    would like to force us to drive e-cars for ideological reasons and since the market for combustion engines in Germany is almost saturated, the auto industry is very happy to participate for economic reasons. If you can expect customers to buy gigantic returns by law or about the price (great word) (great word) to buy these cars.Other technical options such as Z.B.Synthetic fuel would only disturb.

  5. The problem
    The problem is that in Germany and the EU such far -reaching decisions, such as the possible expansion and total switch to electromobility, are no longer made on the basis of the careful consideration of facts and scientific arguments, but purely ideologically justified. If, in contrast to many other top politicians, a doctorate in scientifically educated physicists, purely driven by emotions and without factual consideration of the facts, due to Focushima, has caused the only reliable and constantly available CO2-free energy supply in Germany, by decree To forbid, I am afraid of when people who believe that electricity will be saved on the net in the future

  6. Wall box
    Vattenfall now offers wall boxes of the type, Wallbox Keba Kecontact P30 X-Series,. Then called there. When I asked whether the 500 meter cables really on my balcony in the 5. Fitting stock, the conversation was ended. I don’t understand, it won’t work with the mobility.

  7. Dogmen vs logic
    Unfortunately, our politics only acts after dogmas and not according to logic. You probably no longer know which people represent these representatives of the people. It’s all about posts, sensitivities and ideology.

  8. A mediocre country
    Germany is no longer a high technology country, we are on our way to the low -wage country and have long not listed any world markets mahe. Our know-how in the construction sector is shown by the BER, the auto industry is politically destroyed, power plant construction has also died. Even in mechanical engineering, we only ran under further. Services of a political caste that only wants to enforce their ideology from real life. Hardly any country looks with their electricity with their electricity with their breath, on the contrary. The world laughs at the stupid voters who bought every nonsense of its alternative government and like to pay the highest srom prices in the world. I buy a new diesel shortly before the end and it will reach me until death.

  9. So not right.
    The buildings that we create are in many ways benchmark, as in the case of thermal insulation, energy consumption. Public buildings are not everything. Likewise, the auto industry is very strong and mechanical engineering is innovative and further top, by further delivering. How do you get there? Unfortunately, the rest is right.

  10. Eyewash
    The market is strongly manipulated by insanely subsidies that our government grants that the combustion driver pays. Without subsidies would regulate common sense but so a wrong demand is created that is bought.

  11. The experts of the KTS
    The man doesn’t believe that himself what tells. "At the electric car we stand where we were at the combustion engine in the 1950s" Is correct! The shared apartment is extremely bad, the CO2 balance is gray, the consumption is exorbitantly high and the safety of the vehicles is actually not available. When I compare a model3 with a beetle…. I don’t have to – I know how to do it. Calculation: Each additional BEV only drives with coal electricity but every liter of synfuel is produced with 100%green electricity – exactly! It’s just stupid that you need 10-15 kWh for 1l. With this, a BEV drives more than 50km. Calculation 2: With 43mio e -cars in Germany we would use 90TWH electricity – a huge amount – bad only that in 2015 we already produced 196TWH electricity to EE….

  12. Too stupid only…
    …that Eco Fuel also contains around 10kWh energy. So the bill is no worse than that of the electrical vehicles. And if we wanted to create the management capacity in a city like Munich, if 50% of the citizens had (and want to load), then you could give up the subway and fill the tunnels with cables (or with 110kv into the houses walk!!!!)))

  13. The cardinal error is with us ,
    all based on an ideology or decisions are made. A normal evolution in technology has long been no longer possible! Our society rule the beliefs!


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