Motorhome with photovoltaics charges electric car on trailer

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Battery manufacturer Liontron presents self-sufficient camping team at the Caravan Salon

Motorhome with photovoltaics charges electric car on trailer-electric

At the Caravan Salon 2021 (August 27 to September 5 in Dusseldorf), the lithium-ion battery manufacturer Liontron is showing a mobile home that supplies an electric car on the trailer with charging current.

The electrically powered Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio is charged either while driving via the motorhome's generator or when stationary via the solar system. In addition to the standard generator, the partially integrated motorhome also has two "charging boosters" with 30 amps each, two lithium iron phosphate batteries from Liontron with a total of 400 ampere hours and an inverter that supplies the Smart with a constant charging power of up to 4 kW.

Solar panels deliver a total of 1.1 kilowatts when standing on your home parking space or on the campsite. This is where the yield of the installed photovoltaics lies-According to Liontron, modules usually between 700 and 800 watts – enough energy to recharge the empty smart battery (17.6 kWh) in around 4.5 hours.

At most campsites, the Smart can of course also be charged using the normal power grid, but away from it in nature or in remote parking lots that is not possible.

The Elektro-Smart on the trailer is an environmentally friendly aid for campers when shopping in the supermarket, visiting a restaurant or on excursions. So the motorhome does not have to be tidied up and started. The vehicle combination becomes a self-sufficient overall package with which one does not have to look for public charging stations or other power sources when on vacation. In addition, there are no charging costs because the electricity is generated from solar energy. Of course, e-bikes or electric scooters can also be charged using the Schuko plug.

The Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio has a weight of 1,126 kilos and stands on an aluminum trailer from Schultes that weighs only 250 kilos. With a total of 1,376 kilos, the loaded trailer remains under the maximum towing load of 1,500 kilos, which applies to many motorhomes. There is even 124 kilos of load capacity left, for example for e-bikes or electric scooters.

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Motorhome with photovoltaics charges electric car on trailer-motorhome

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