Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan


With the kit to your own mobile home

Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-finance your caravan risk-free inexpensively

Stay out of your own hands: Drivers can use manual skills and patience to convert a van into a cozy motorhome

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Anyone who converts a vehicle into a mobile home can save on taxes and insurance – and enjoy the freedom of the home on wheels. Before doing this, however, there are a few things to consider.

UOn the move within your own four walls: For many, it is a dream to travel in a motorhome that they have built themselves. "In principle, almost any vehicle can be converted into a mobile home," says Tim Ruttgers from the Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD). "There are kits that turn even the smallest car into a one-man motorhome."

Commercial vehicles, box vans, minibuses or vans are suitable as a base vehicle. These include models such as Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan Primastar, Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Fiat Ducato and the VW Bullis T3, T4 and T5. Trucks can also be converted into mobile homes. "In principle, there are no restrictions in terms of age and performance, as long as the vehicle is sufficiently motorized for individual requirements and designed for the additional weight," says Tim Ruttgers.

When men in underpants pose in front of old cars

Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-caravan

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The month of April bears the title “King’s son romper soaked through with dwarf tears”. The classic car is a Volvo P1800 ES, built in 1973, better known as “Schneewlittle coffin ". The longer you look at the photo, the more details you will notice, from the toadstools to Snow White in the trunk.

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Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-This luxury vehicle pulled Bulli

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The month of June is headed with the motto "Picassociose portrait composition": In the foreground is a Francophile painter with colorful boxer shorts, in the background a light bluehe Opel Rekord Caravan C, built in 1971.

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Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-motorhome

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One of the highlights of the 2015 calendar can be found in the month of July: The photograph is entitled “Official summer underwear on files”. The brave model is too the owner of the NSU Fiat Neckar, built in 1959. The scene was recorded in the tram museum in Wuppertal.

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Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-caravan

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The calendar page for August shows a dangerous-looking model in racing-style boxer shorts, posing in front of a 1930 Ford Model A. Photography carries that somewhat cumbersome title "Fulloffuel Readytorumbleracingpanty".

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Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-motorhome

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A look behind the scenes: The shootings are arranged with a lot of effort and attention to detail.

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Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-your

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However, there are no fees. Neither for the makers, their helpers, nor for the models or the owners of the vehicles. Interest in either his classic car for the calendarr to provide …

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Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-caravan

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… or even posing in underwear yourself is still great.

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Motorhome: With the kit to your own camping caravan-This luxury vehicle pulled Bulli

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Even if the 2015 calendar is the current one, you can still order the calendars from previous years. Because the calendar can be easily detached. And every Foto is a humorous work of art in itself.

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7.5 meters of the purest caravan luxury One thing in particular is indispensable for the conversion: manual dexterity. In addition to bodywork and woodwork, the installation of the liquid gas system and the electrical installation requires specialist knowledge, as this must be done in accordance with the relevant standards. Those who do not trust themselves to work with wood, water and gas pipes can get help. Some companies such as Woelcke, Dopfer and Joko have specialized in converting box vans into mobile homes. There are also ready-made kits for a wide variety of vehicle types.

Information from Dekra and TuV

"Before the conversion, the owners should think about how the vehicle will be used," says Tim Ruttgers. The expected curb weight with body and the minimum payload also played a role. Once a corresponding specification sheet has been drawn up, further questions need to be clarified: Where will the vehicle be located during the conversion? Do you have the right tool? What is the budget available for work that should be carried out by a professional? Some tips offer, for example, the sites and

When converting, the seats are particularly important. An empty van usually only has seating in the front area. "If that is not enough, you should clarify beforehand whether seats with belts can be installed in the back of the van," says Lothar Angermund from ADAC. Information is available from technical testing organizations such as TuV or Dekra or from the respective vehicle manufacturer.

Out and about with a mobile home and Porsche garage

The latest trends in camping and mobile travel are presented every year at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf. A special highlight this year: a mobile home with a Porsche garage. Source: Zoomin.TV

The ADAC expert Angermund generally advises to discuss the conversion work with a TuV engineer. "After the expansion, he is also responsible for the registration as a mobile home." By converting a vehicle to a mobile home, the vehicle type changes and the previous operating license expires. Legislators do not accept simply placing a mattress and a stove on the loading area and calling the vehicle a mobile home.

Converting a van: A building permit is required

According to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), a vehicle is only a mobile home if it is suitable for accommodation. In the framework directive 2007/46 / EC, the legislator requires a minimum equipment: A seat with a table, sleeping places, whereby seating that can be converted into sleeping places is also recognized, as well as a cupboard or other storage space. The table can be easily dismantled.

Sink, gas cooker and sewerage are not required under licensing law. Instead of a gas stove, an electric stove can also be installed. "The device must be permanently installed and all seats that are used during the journey must meet the requirements of the StVZO," says Philipp Schreiber from TuV Sud. A type approval is required if additional heating is installed. A gas test certificate is also required for liquid gas heating.

Insurance can be cheaper

Insurance companies and registration offices only recognize a car or truck as a mobile home if the vehicle type has been changed to "mobile home" or "special vehicle" by an expert. The tax office then checks the vehicle: If the floor area of ​​the living area covers most of the usable area and the stove is permanently installed, the mobile home is taxed as a mobile home.

Campers can also save on insurance. The companies have introduced different no-claims discount levels for motor homes. The insurance industry assumes that a mobile home drives less on the road than a car – and thus causes less damage. Traveling with your own mobile home is also a comparatively inexpensive pleasure.

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