Musk: Tesla Plant Supercharger still open 2021 for other E cars

Musk: Tesla Plant Supercharger still open 2021 for other E cars-open

By the end of 2021, Tesla will open his supercharger network for other automakers. This is already in work for a while and should be implemented this year. The SuperCharger network is probably the most comprehensive quick-release network worldwide. Recently, it became known that the charging power would rise to Tesla-supercharger up to 350 kilowatts. Thus, one would give the in-house fast charging stations another upgrade of 100 kW charging power.

Instead of leaving themselves like most other automakers on third-party car manufacturers, Tesla developed its own network from the ground up, which was more of a need to consider how early Tesla with electric vehicles was at the start. A decade after the introduction of the first supercharger, Tesla has 25 today.000 supercharger at over 2.700 stations around the world.

About seven years ago, the first German Supercharger was put into operation. In the summer of 2021 Tesla Germany with the opening of the fast charging station in Illertissen south of Ulm reached another milestone and the national brand of 1.000 supercharger loading places exceeded. Unlike third-party networks such as Ionity, Electrify America or ChargePoint, Stand today only Tesla vehicles over the Supercharger network.

Already in the past, the car manufacturer has to be understood that you want to open the SuperCharger network for others if they involve them at the cost. In the past, there were always rumors that Tesla is in conversations with other automakers to meet such agreement, but so far they have never seen an actual result.

Musk has now confirmed the plans to open the network and even attached a schedule. On Twitter, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, said about his charging port and in this context to the opening of the SuperCharger network.

“We have developed our own plug, as it was not standard at that time and Tesla was only manufacturer of electric cars with great range. It is a pretty slim plug that is suitable for loading with lower and high performance. Apart from that, we will open our supercharger network later this year for other EVS.”

In North America, Tesla uses its own plug and will have to offer other owners of other electric vehicles an adapter so they can use the network. In Europe, Tesla now uses the CCS standard and it will be easier for you to open the supercharger network on the market.

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8 thoughts on “Musk: Tesla Plant Supercharger still open 2021 for other E cars”

  1. Even if I drive no Tesla so I will instantly use their charging infrastructure and it is unlocked. I am currently such annoyed by ionity, EnBW, Wiegarge & Co.
    Has already noticed anyone that you can only pay with Master or Visacard with Master or Visacard? At EnBW, at least a direct debit, but otherwise hardly alternatives and constantly rising prices. Ionity in turn takes more credit cards, but only for the price of 0.79 ct / kWh. In my view, there is no single provider today which customer-friendly conditions (price, payment conditions, settlement, overview) has.
    Am I the only electric car driver who has no Visa or MasterCard? I am grateful if someone can name a better provider as the above. I only need fast loading point with min. 150 kW power, no AC.

  2. SuperCharger should also be installed on motorway warestairs and then also usable for vehicles of other manufacturers. Today you have to go down for the supercharger use of the highway, in principle this is only a substitute for the gas station on the Autoohof.

  3. The raging of the cast-iron Tesla fans read I smile.

    The own network was the only way to sell the customer an electric car. Currently opened every hour a new HPC charging station. There was an economic disadvantage in a short time from the unique selling point. Because such a network costs and costs, must be permanently maintained, but above all urgent modernized.

    Cars like an ioniq5, the Porsche, the Audi GT can not be loaded there with full power. Also not on the V3 loader and of that there are not so many, while Musk has already announced the next generation. And taken exactly one more generation with 800 V technique until you are back on competitive stand.

    The competition was easier – she simply paid in an alliance, which has substantially developed, after a gold standard of the HPC loader has developed with good half-life, namely up to 1000 V and 350 kW,.

  4. I hope you have to pay the non-Tesla driver double price. I will not accept it if a third-party vehicle takes my loading place. I have, as I said by Musk itself, paid the loading net. With the purchase of a TESLAS you pay for the charging infrastructure!

  5. I expect Tesla to negotiate a corresponding deal with the appropriate leaders of each country (for Germany, unfortunately the gentlemen Altmeier and Scheuer).
    I think Tesla will open the net only to Tesla prices, if Teslafahr in return can also be loaded in other networks to “customer prices” (Z.B. at Ionity, Audi, Porsche etc.)
    If this should not be done in return, Tesla will certainly make the prices for “foreign loaders” so “design” that only a few of the supercharger get lost.
    Good is Tesla a software company – I stay relaxed.
    Time wants Tell – main thing electrically &# 128521;

  6. I imagine that someone gets lost on this site that is interested in E-Cars.
    And then these partly underground comments reads – and buys a diesel ..

  7. Surely good promotion for Tesla to open the SUCS

    Anyone inviting the SUC and plug&Charge only has to fumble with an app, while the Tesla community is simply plugging in the vehicle, the next time a Tesla buys &# 128578;

  8. Should shut off Porsche or BMW for all the loading network for all.

    Achso who do not have

    The last 10 years slept, made nothing and then send his customers to the competition


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