My Ami Buggy: Citroën study for off the track

My Ami Buggy: Citroën study for off the track-citroën

Citroën is once again thinking off the beaten track. With the “My Ami Buggy Concept”, the French are now presenting a study based on the small electric car Ami, which with its 6 kW motor can be driven from the age of 15. The fun vehicle with an off-road look is intended to “quench the thirst for freedom, leisure and non-conformity,” according to the announcement. Panoramic roof and the absence of doors allowed to fully immerse yourself in the surroundings. “My Ami Buggy Concept aims to be functional and simple,” says designer Samuel Pericles. “In the spirit of iconic and contemporary industrial objects.”

The My Ami Buggy stands on deep-tread wide tires and looks adventurous with its protective bar and headlight grille. This impression continues on the sides with flared fenders and flank protection. The roof rack with spare wheel and additional lights is reminiscent of legendary desert buggies. The tiny one completely dispenses with doors. Transparent, rainproof tarpaulins with zips help against bad weather – a homage to the legendary Citroën Mehari.

My Ami Buggy: Citroën study for off the track-buggymaison-vignaux @ Continental Productions

Although it is a purely creative approach, designers and engineers have ensured that the concept is technically feasible, Citroën says. Attachments to the tube chassis were a real challenge. Special elements such as seats, charging cables or door attachments are bright yellow. The roof features the lettering “Pilot” on the driver’s side and “Co-Pilot” on the passenger’s side, while the number 01 is placed on the driver’s seat and the number 02 on the passenger’s seat to indicate their respective positions. Yellow arrow-shaped stickers under the spoiler show the wind direction – a reference to aviation.

The My Ami Buggy Concept has thicker seat pads that are removable and washable. The shelves can be taken for a picnic or a trip outside. There is also a special range of luggage – including a sailor’s bag with a flap that fits under the dashboard. Storage space is also installed in the entry area at seat height. And so that the adventure remains unforgettable, four camera mounts are installed on the door frames. It is not yet clear whether there is a corresponding counterpart for the identically constructed Opel Rocks-e.

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3 thoughts on “My Ami Buggy: Citroën study for off the track”

  1. And the head forester stalks very quietly through the forest, no engine noise scares the game away, and the lack of doors makes it easy to moor… A real hunting car (original meaning of the English. shooting brake). 😛

  2. In principle, small and light is to be welcomed. But such a vehicle should be able to do 60 km/h and a range of 100 km should be the minimum.

    Solar cells all around, that’s what the Sion tries to do, if it should ever be available, so that after eight hours of work it has one or two kWh more on the battery. At least 50% of the batteries as a change battery. Then I can charge the second batch at home during the day – with my own solar power.

    That would then be the ideal vehicle for most commuters.

    e-SUVs with an engine power of 700 hp will drive our networks into the Dutten in no time. But that’s probably intentional, so that the nuclear waste plants with connected electricity production can be resurrected.

    Such a micro-vehicle, well thought through, would probably be a possible solution for maintaining our comfortable individual mobility. But then please with doors and luggage space for shopping.

    Another photo vehicle is so superfluous, like an E-SUV with 700ps (-> BMW).


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