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You really have to have a warning vest in handy in the car? Or even two? And what about the accident: there is a carrying obligation? There are many myths around the warning vests – they will be surprised what is really true.

Some claim that the warning vest has to be in the driver’s room, the others say, at least two vests are mandatory in every car and everyone almost agrees that you have to wear a warning vest in a breakdown or an accident: but none of this applies.

There is a warning vest for drivers?

Yes, there has been a warning vest in Germany since July 2014. Specifically, the German warning vesting regulates that they In every approved car, truck, traction and tractoring machines and in buses one Have to carry the warning vest. This also includes agricultural vehicles, such as tractors. Except for the warning vest in Germany are motorcyclists. However, if you drive a motorcycle or scooter, we recommend wearing a warning vest over your protective clothing so that you can be better recognizable in traffic.

The vest must be in the car at hand?

No, there are no precise requirements for the carrying of warning vests in Germany. It is not required by law that the vest must be deposited for the driver at hand. You just have to have them in the car. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, however, it is advisable to store the warning vest at hand, such as the Bussgeld reports (advertisement). During a check you have to show the warning vest. It is not just about carrying a warning vest in the car at all, but also that the vest is suitable.

Not every warning vest meets the requirements

A warning west has to do that:

  • she must Yellow, orange or red orange be
  • She has to go out fluorescent, be a bright material
  • She has to all over Reflector strips of at least five centimeters width have to guarantee 360-degree visibility

In Germany the warning vest of the local norm must DIN EN 471: 2003+A1: 2007 Or the European standard EN ISO 20 471: 2013 correspond.

No or unsuitable warning vest: this fine threatens

If you violate the warning vest obligation, you face a warning money of 15 euro.4 Completion -compliant warning vests for 10 euros on Amazon (advertisement)

Is there a mandatory obligation with a breakdown or an accident?

No, in addition to the assertion of warning vests No wearing obligation in Germany. Neither the driver nor the passengers have to wear the warning vests when leaving the car. However, it is still advisable that you wear a warning vest in the event of a breakdown or an accident when you get out of the car. In this way, other road users recognize them better, and personal accidents at the accident or breakdown location are avoided.

These warning vest rules apply to our neighbors

The same rules do not apply in all countries as far as the warning vest duty concerns. In some countries you do not have to consider anything, but in others there is an obligation to carry and if there is a violation, there are sometimes high fines. We give an overview. In the Netherlands Are you non -committed, To have warning vests with you. However, it is recommended to attract a vest if you leave your car after an accident or breakdown outside of closed towns.The neighboring country France writes both one Passionate- as well as Mandatory obligation From warning vests before, Even for motorcyclists. You have to have at least one vest with you. However, the following applies: Leave the carpenter in the event of an accident or breakdown outside of closed towns, all of them have to wear a warning vest. If you violate the warning vest in France, you face a sensitive fine From 90 euros.One Mandatory obligation there is also in Italy. As a driver, if you get out, you have to wear a warning vest. A violation costs it 38 to 138 euros. Paradox: There is no assertion. By the way: motorcyclists are excluded from the regulation.Again and again you hear that you have to carry two warning vests with you in Austria. That is not correct! In Austria you have to at least A warning vest in the car. If you leave the car with a breakdown or an accident, you have to both you as a driver as well as All other occupants, who get out, one Warning vest. Violate this regulation threatens you with a fine From 14 euros.By the way: As in Italy, the warning vest is not concerned with motorcyclists.Your target country is not there? In the detailed list of ADAC (display) you will find the warning vest regulation of 15 European countries.

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