Nationwide loading network from 2019 in Baden-Wurttemberg

Nationwide loading network from 2019 in Baden-Wurttemberg-2019

Safe or “nationwide security store network for electric vehicles” – Under this project name Baden-Wurttemberg goes on the problem of the loading infrastructure. From spring 2019 the question should have an end to whether the battery is still enough. Because from then you should reach a charging option for electric vehicles from anywhere in the country in a maximum of ten kilometers distance. This is made possible by a merger of EnBW, 74 stoneworks and suppliers as well as three municipalities. There is also a corresponding conveying notice for the project, this has handed this to the Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann to the assembled project partners.

The expansion of the shop network is promoted by the country, as it has recognized that a poet network of charging options is an important prerequisite for the people to decide for an electric vehicle. Hermann is convinced that the “consortium from EnBW, other energy suppliers, urban workers and municipalities is a strong and at the same time decentralized partner.”Also EnBW stands behind this objective and gives you to understand, you want to allow e-car drivers to be grounds electricity throughout the country.

Stand today are more than 19.000 electric vehicles already in Baden-Wurttemberg – forecast strongly increasing. In order to meet the increasing demand of charging stations, it is directed after the central specification that in a grid of ten times ten kilometers at least one charging station with 22 kilowatt charging power is located. The second grid extends to 20 times 20 kilometers and should also give at least one fast adhes with 50 kilowatt charging power. Overall, the Safe-Loading Network should consist of more than 400 charging stations and operated by the partners for at least six years.

By April 2019, purely theoretically “only” 48 fast charging stations and 94 “normal” charging stations would have to be rebuilt, since already more than 300 investment locations are already available. The project is subsidized with 2.2 million euros from the country. This corresponds to up to 50 percent of the investment; the rest bear the partners themselves.

For the technical requirements, the land has laid the latte high: the nationwide charging network should correspond to the current uniform standard, which is regulated in the charging column ordinance. It must be possible, for example, that customers of any e-mobility provider about roaming on the stations that are built in the framework of Safe can load their vehicle.

In the following next step, the project partners go to the hot phase: The selection of the right locations and the construction of the charging stations is on.

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  1. Since the “” Shanty-Boys “roar from Ina Muller:

    “Funny, funny! Today we laughed. Winfried did’nen wit ….”

    19.000 cars in Baden-Wurttemberg! You really need a nationwide charging net for that! They certainly have a range of 70 km.

    But seriously:

    It goes ahead! In January come in Stuttgart driving bans! Then the last thing is clear, it will be time.

    What was an Opel slogan: redemption in the head!

    And the excuse charging points then no longer counts.


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