Neocarbonix electrodes: more energy density at less cost

Neocarbonix electrodes: more energy density at less cost-density

Nanoramic®’s Neocarbonix™ nanocarbon electrode technology, a leader in energy storage and materials development, promises that batteries using the electrodes will increase energy density by 30% while reducing production costs by 20%. With Neocarbonix, lithium-ion batteries can be charged in less than 15 minutes.

This is probably one of the reasons why the private investment company Fortistar invested in the company. To date, Nanoramic has raised more than $75 million to further develop and commercialize its innovative Neocarbonix™ nanocarbon electrode technology. In addition to the advantages mentioned for the electrodes, it should be mentioned that toxic solvents such as NMP are no longer needed in battery manufacture and battery recycling. The manufacturing process is simple and inexpensive because existing systems can be used and existing battery systems can be easily replaced. Li-ion cells with Neocarbonix far exceed the cycle requirements of car batteries and extend their service life.

“Nanoramic’s technologies are critical to delivering sustainable energy storage solutions. We are privileged to invest in a company that has such far-reaching technologies that reduce the environmental impact of energy storage while improving performance, whether in an electric vehicle, an electronic appliance or a nationwide power grid. Nanoramic will be at the forefront of energy storage solutions for a greener future.- Mark Comora, President of Fortistar

As part of Fortistar’s investment, the company announces that Chuck Bryceland has been appointed to Nanoramic’s board of directors. Bryceland is a Managing Director at Fortistar and has over 30 years of financial services experience. Eric Kish, CEO of Nanoramic, classifies the importance of its own technology on the market and states: “Neocarbonix will also offer comparable advantages for the next generation of solid-state batteries.”

The electrodes are manufactured in a cost-effective process using a new three-dimensional nanocarbon bond structure. Battery and supercapacitor manufacturers can use Neocarbonix to optimize their production processes, reduce costs and deliver products that perform exceptionally well in a wide range of environments. It is currently working with battery, vehicle and electronics manufacturers to develop and license custom versions of its battery and supercapacitor technologies. Once these customers adopt Nanoramic’s technologies, the company is expected to become one of the world’s largest battery technology providers.

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