Neoplan Cityliner N116 from 1971: Bus classic

Neoplan Cityliner N116 from 1971

Rolling glass palace – on the way in the most beautiful bus classic car of the shrill 70s

Neoplan Cityliner N116 from 1971: Bus classic-neoplan
Press Inform Co-chamber: Neoplan Cityliner

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Some cars have revolutionized the industry. Fords Model T was one, the "goddess" Citroën DS or of course the VW beetle. At buses, the Neoplan Cityliner changed the transport of people on asphalt roads 50 years ago. We drove him.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. The world was more in transition. It was an era of opposites. The youth desired and demanded love instead of war and denounced the muff under the Talaren. On the other hand, people were fascinated by the future and space. After all, on July 20, a person had set his foot on the moon for the first time. Science fiction was hip.

When buses suddenly became luxurious and noble

The Swiss Hans Robert "Bob" Lee, born in time, jointly took up this zeitgeist to his sponsor Albrecht Auwarter, former company owner and head of the Busbauer Neoplan, and designed a new bus. The vehicle should be completely different, i.e. not a pure earmarked passenger van, but more luxurious and more open. New horizons should be developed. Not only inside, but also outside. The inspiration for the new coach came from the double -decker that made their rounds in London and Berlin. The view should go beyond the walls of the past. The also served as inspiration too "Scenicruiser"-Double -decker buses from the USA that drove at the Greyhound company.

Neoplan Cityliner N116 from 1971: Bus classic-classic
Press Inform Neoplan Cityliner from 1971

On the 20. International Omnibus Week in 1971 in Monaco (where else?) presented the Stuttgart Busbauer Neooplan the Cityliner N116. The new coach broke with all previous conventions. The passengers sat on the second floor, in a glass palace and were able to enjoy the view from the increased position. Only a few struts gained their gaze and no disturbing bike boxes cramped the 45 seats, over which there was a nozzle ventilation.

Neoplan Cityliner N116 from 1971: Bus classic-n116
Press Inform Bus classic: Our author at the wheel of the Neoplan Cityliner

Climate systems were something special in 1971

The driver was sitting in the underfloor, and there was a large trunk and a toilet. The comfort equipment included a microphone, a radio, a cool box two Visa visits tables, curtains and an electrical air conditioning system. At the beginning of the 1970s it was pure luxury. A new travel world opened up over a length of 12 meters and a width of 2.5 meters.

Neoplan Cityliner N116 from 1971: Bus classic-n116
Press Inform The Neoplan Cityliner (right) and a current coach

The echo of the international visitors present was overwhelming. Some of the lower lips were raised to the front, others were looking forward to the first trip in the revolutionary vehicle, the Neoplan competition escaped and murmured: “Damn it again, why didn’t we come up with the idea." Too late. The design concept of the first Neoplan Cityliner is still valid today, 50 years later: the shared windscreen and the glass surfaces reaching into the roof still show that a Neoplan Cityliner is on the road here.

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This is how a 50-year-old bus classic drives

The propulsion of the classic Neoplan Cityliner N116 came from a wonderful twelve-liter six-cylinder diesel Henschel 6r 1315 with 176 kW / 240 hp and beefy a torque that is adapted with a six-speed circuit. We sit at the wheel of the original and quickly wonder how the driver got along with the thin, monstrous monstrous steering wheel wreath when it was warm and the palms were wet.

Neoplan Cityliner N116 from 1971: Bus classic-1971
Press Inform Bus classic: Neoplan Cityliner

doesn’t matter. The classic can be moved without any problems as soon as you have made friends with the sensitive gear shift. Due to the seating position behind the large pane, you have a magnificent overview and conduct the heavy vehicle after a certain time to get used to the corners after a certain period of familiarization. However, a highlight is the diesel. Nothing is beaten except more displacement and 11.943 cm³ are difficult to top. So you can cruise so wonderfully with the city liner of the year of construction 1971 in the supposed speed basement that it is a real joy.

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Neoplan Cityliner N116 from 1971: Bus classic-cityliner

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