Netherlands wants to massively expand charging infrastructure in parking garages

Netherlands wants to massively expand charging infrastructure in parking garages-wants

The Netherlands include around 400 parking garages. Most of them do not have the total of about 180.000 parking spaces equipped with charging stations. This will change in the near future: By 2025, average, five percent of all parking spaces in parking garages should be provided with a charging station, until 2030 it should be ten percent, according to the Dutch State Secretary Stentje Van Veldhoven for infrastructure and water management. You have taken arrangements to increase the number of charging stations for electric cars in Dutch parking garages within four years to increase tenfold.

The need for charging stations in the Netherlands rises rapidly as more and more motorists change to electric cars. Last year, about 20 percent of the new cars sold in the Netherlands were electrical. The Dutch government promotes electric driving because E cars do not eject greenhouse gases and better for the climate. The goal of the Netherlands is that from the year 2030 all new cars are powered electrically.

Currently there is nationwide about 400 parking garages with 450 parking spaces on average. Two-thirds of the parking garages are not equipped with charging points for electric cars. Van Veldhoven therefore complied with Vexpan, a merger from 120 parking garage owners, municipalities and industrial partners, to the expansion measure. Five percent electrified parking spaces mean around 9,000 new charging stations until 2025, accordingly at ten percent 18.000 new charging stations until 2030.

The Netherlands is already up to date when expanding infrastructure in Europe. According to an analysis of the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO), there was good 287 at the beginning of the year.000 public charging points throughout Europe, of which 66 alone.400 in the Netherlands, followed by France (about 46.000), Germany (around 44.500), Great Britain (good 33.300) and Norway (about 18.500).

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  1. That may be the next Women’s Day to fly around the ears because in a country where to Nicholas the nastely piet was banned, certainly strikes that women are rare rare in underground garages and thus will be charged in the future.

  2. What a message for a country (DE) in which the Ollobby has just managed a pair of parking garage operators to succeed EVS.

  3. How do the Hollies solve the alleged fire risk when going through the batteries of EVS in parking garages, which one holds in D for insoluble and thus prohibited from the outset?


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