NEV sales in China stabilize itself

NEV sales in China stabilize itself-china

The automotive future develops in the Middle Reich, believes car professor Ferdinand DudenhOffer. Already alone because of the tremendous size of the market. To classify the previous sentry: In 2010, only about 17 were.000 electric cars on the way. By 2019, this number has grown to a total of 7.2 million, 47 percent of them in China. According to the data provider Qichacha, China has in 2019 47.000 newly founded companies related to new energy roles – as “New Energy Vehicles” (NEV) are pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids – recorded, and the current total number amounts to 192.000. Otherwise, the market seems to grow again.

Branch Service Electrive.Net has regarded and classified the current paragraphs and approvals of individual manufacturers in China and could determine that NEV will be better adopted in the market. Also we could show in early August that the e-auto start-up NIO has submitted its delivery statistics for July 2020. And the numbers can be seen in a currently difficult market: Nio delivered a total of 3 in July 2020.533 vehicles, which corresponds to solid growth of 322 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

BYD came to 15 in July 2020.100 sold NEV, exactly 8.85 percent less than in July 2019. However, one must concern that the paragraph was massively declining in the months earlier. This leads to byD in the current year with 75.777 NEV 53 percent below 2019 is the last year’s comparative period was the manufacturer 162.Sell 220 NEV. Compared to June 2020, NEV sales at BYD were 6.6 percent in the plus. Especially the decline in plug-in hybrids contributes its part to the poor standing of the brand.

With the XPENG P7, the Chinese electric car startup Xpeng Motors has started deliveries of its second production model in China. The E-Limousine P7 will in future be at prices around the 29.300 to 45.500 euros – after subsidy – depending on the version and configuration come to the road. Already in the first month of delivery Xpeng 1 could.Deliver 641 copies of the P7.

World Champion is still one on it and recorded a sales record in July 2020. If you brought it to 2 during this period.036 units of the EX5 and EX6 which were delivered, about twice as many as a year ago. The EX5 came on the market in April 2018 and has been 30th.Sold 000 times. In November 2019, the Ex6 came to this year, another model should follow. In September 2018, it became known that the start-up with the supplier BorgWarner has received a strategic cooperation. The agreement of the two companies provides that they will make common cause in the development of electrical and hybrid vehicles in China.

Geely – the mother Group behind Volvo and Polestar – is currently still moving in minus when it comes to the pure NEV sales. About 27 percent less than in June the car manufacturer was able to settle in July 2020. Stand today the company sells only the Geometry A. We remember: from the fully electric sedan G11, which Geely has introduced at the end of February 2019, Geometry A was. The first electric car, which goes to the start under Geely’s new electric rake Geometry. How to communicate, Geometry will bring a total of ten e-vehicles to the road by 2025. At the beginning of January, photos of the compact SUV Geometry C has surfaced, which should also be purely electrically on the road.

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