Never again speed camera? Tempo brake is now mandatory

Available from 2022

Never again speed camera? Tempo brake is now mandatory

Never again speed camera? Tempo brake is now mandatory-again

Bit projects 43 million driver’s licenses will soon invalidate due to the EU rule: who has to be exchanged now

The mandatory speed brake comes onto the market in 2022. Site shows what drivers have to expect in the new year. The AutoClub Europa (ACE) explains one of the most important changes to the new year.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More infers now have new cars have a consumption monitoring system on board with which the EU data collects . However, the EU wants to regulate even more into the car – for example with the mandatory speed brake. A completely new, first produced model is already equipped in 2022, all other new cars already presented already presented in 2024 at the latest.

Also mandatory in Germany: you already know the tank symbols?

Never again speed camera? Tempo brake is now mandatory-again

Site On lids and petrol pumps: also mandatory in Germany: you already know the tank symbols?

Other systems are also mandatory, such as emergency brake assistants and fatigue warning. Advantage: There are fewer traffic accidents. However, the technical effort should also make the cars more expensive, especially in low-price segments and for small cars. In the compact segment, on the other hand, many of the electronic helpers and inspectors are not so new, even standard in the premium segment.The following driver assistance systems will be introduced for all new vehicles from 2022:

  • Intelligent speed assistant (ISA – Intelligent Speed Assistance, simplified "Tempo brake")
  • Device to install an alcohol -sensitive immobilizer
  • Warning system in the event of fatigue and declining attention from the driver
  • Warning system in the event of a declining concentration of the driver
  • Emergency brake light (brake lights flash in a quick sequence when fully braking)
  • Reversing assistant
  • Event -related data acquisition ("Black box")))
  • Emergency brake assistance system
  • Emergency tracking assistant
  • Data acquisition of consumption and CO2 emissions

Never again speed camera? Tempo brake is now mandatory-speed

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Tempo brake: never again speed camera?

The pace brake works with a traffic sign recognition by camera and warns via an advertisement in the cockpit or a pulsating accelerator pedal. Optionally, such systems have been available from manufacturers such as Audi or BMW for a long time. Advantage: If you overlook a speed limit sign, you will be braked in this way-and possibly also preserved from a speed camera ticket. Disadvantage: The defeat of the drivers is progressing.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Never again speed camera? Tempo brake is now mandatory-brake

Site Clickdown Audi e-tron GT: speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

The pace brake can be oversteered and switched off completely, but sooner or later, insurance could be keen to get data from the car after accidents. So the data of the "Black box" can only be evaluated anonymously to improve accident research. But whether this always stays the case is not guaranteed.

Never again speed camera? Tempo brake is now mandatory-camera

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    Never again speed camera? Tempo brake is now mandatory-never

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  2. Where does the Comentor live
    Unfortunately there are too many people in Germany who abuse their freedom and damage others. who "speaks of Stasi methods" has probably never experienced a dictatorship. There are much higher penalties for drivers all around around Germany. There is also more consideration for other children old some need car to "Pace" Because of the feelings of inferiority, should make aptitude test

  3. Drive as it is allowed
    …and thus block traffic? I love to have someone in front of me who pulls my nerve in the local area at 48 km/h in expectation of the beatification

  4. Orwell greetings
    We let everything do it with us, do not pay attention to the hidden losses of personal freedoms before technology belief. The evaluation of a suction. Blackbox in the car can break a statement very quickly and the insurance can use it if necessary. Use your obligation to perform. To make matters worse (we) now also with the Greens "Prohibition party" Reduced to the government, when you read new capers of these competent and universally educated fellow human beings every day.

  5. Regulations and commandments ..
    Certainly have your reason … Why do you quote "Orwell" in this context. Anyone who thinks that bids only applies to the "others" has no place in road traffic.

  6. Police state
    Who believes that there is still freedom in our Germany is a dreamer. The state prescribes everything and that is still democracy?

  7. Nonsense…
    They boards everywhere and traffic laws are consciously overlooked them? Great then have no business in car traffic! What do you mean by "freedom"??? Ignore laws?? I can not believe it.

  8. Total nonsense
    How can you think of such nonsense. It starts with the fact that everyone in the word "Digitization" make the mind. The only solution that reduces the number of accidents is not to give the recognizable driving license to not give a driver’s license.The autonomously driving car is a chimrene. All computer -controlled systems can only plan actions if – then plan actions. No program can predict which unpredictable variant could occur in a prolonged situation and therefore nothing can replace the reaction fast, mentally present drivers. That not all drivers act correctly: Thats Life!! In addition, no program on the damage of the vehicle owner/buyer may act in the applicable contract law.

  9. Accidental death
    1974 there was approx. 21,000 accident dead in Germany. 2021 with double traffic volume "just" ca. 2750 dead.This is a huge success of drastic increase in active and passive safety of our motor vehicles.With even more controls, personal freedom is increasingly limited and the surveillance state is unbearable in its function.Black boxes should not be allowed.

  10. Life -threatening
    Anyone who has tried the automatic speed regulation will agree with me how dangerous this is. The systems will take many years until they are operational. At the moment, for example, they brake down suddenly to 30 km/h on the highway. And we don’t need to argue about the meaning. If that becomes a mandatory, the used car prices will explode.


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