Never again Tesla? Model-3 drivers think about their electric car

Tesla Model 3 in everyday life

Never again Tesla? Model-3 drivers think about their electric car

Never again Tesla? Model-3 drivers think about their electric car-tesla
Tesla Never again Tesla? Model-3 drivers think about their electric car

It often seems as if the world share in two groups: "Tesla disciples", who do not allow criticism of the company and people who take every opportunity to punch the US electric car maker into the pan.

We present three surveys and evaluation portals from which show what Model-3 drivers really think about their Tesla.

J.D. Power: Teslas have as many problems as no other car brand in the USA

The American data analysis company J.D. As every year, Power also carried out a quality study in the USA in 2020. This deals with the problems that car buyers find on their new cars.The study, which has been carried out for 34 years, examines the problems of owners of new vehicles of the model year 2020 during the first 90 days after receipt of the car. The quality is determined by the number of problems that occurred per 100 vehicles, whereby a lower score reflects a higher quality.

Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

Never again Tesla? Model-3 drivers think about their electric car-again

Site Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

The manufacturers Dodge, Kia and Chevrolet are particularly good. Drivers of dodge and kia vehicles found an average of 136 problems per 100 vehicles, Chevrolet drivers with 141 problems only a little more.At the bottom of the list: the electric car manufacturer Tesla. With 250 problems per 100 vehicles, the company around company boss Elon Musk forms the bottom of the list and is well above the average of 166 problems per 100 cars.

However, the car manufacturer is not officially counted among the other brands in the study because it does not meet the ranking criteria. "In contrast to other manufacturers, Tesla does not give us permission to ask his owners in 15 states where this is necessary", said Doug Betts, President of the automobile department of J.D. power. "However, we were able to collect a sufficiently large sample among owners in the other 35 countries, and on this basis we calculated Teslas score points."

Bloomberg: Tesla drivers love their model 3-despite one or the other lack

The US news network Bloomberg has carried out a similar study by owners of Teslas Model 3. Last year 5.000 Model-3 drivers asked what Elon Musk was right and what he did wrong.In this case, the result is not as devastating as in the study by J.D. Power: The survey carried out by Bloomberg showed that the defect rate reached its peak in the third quarter of 2018 with 80 defects per 100 sold cars. As is well known, Tesla put a new assembly line into operation on a factory parking space and tripled the production of the Model 3.

As bad as Tesla? New electro-VW falls through the German auto test

Never again Tesla? Model-3 drivers think about their electric car-tesla

Site As bad as Tesla? New electro-VW falls through the German auto test

In the meantime, however, Tesla produces almost 100.000 cars per quarter, and the data indicates that the growing experience and the higher production volume were able to improve the quality of Tesla: the quota of the complaints of new owners has decreased by 44% in the third quarter of 2019 compared to the same period of the Previous year. Between January and September 2019, the number of reported problems per 100 cars fluctuated between 103 in February and only 35 in September.The most commonly criticized aspect on Model 3: Error in the paint. Deleted paint parts, unevenly applied paint and runners in the paint are most frequently annoyed by the Tesla drivers. Some of them even report that the charging port on Model 3 has such color accumulations that the charging plug cannot be inserted properly. Around twelve percent of the model 3 drivers reported defects in the paint of their electricity.After the paint defects, the drivers most often complain about inaccurate or poorly suitable gap dimensions. Scratches and bumps on the delivered vehicle follow the third position of the list of defects.


Drivers also report a few water that collects in the trunk or penetrates through the sun roof, cracks in the windshield, defective cameras, scratches in the dashboard, rattling in the passenger cell, incorrectly assembled steering wheels, problems with electronics and infotainment system as well as gear sticks that Just fall off when using.So there are a number of problems that apparently appear on Teslas Model 3 in a way. It is particularly surprising that more than half of the Model-3 drivers state that they are very satisfied with the quality of the Tesla power.Bloomberg explains this: "This is something of a paradox that was repeatedly determined in the Bloomberg survey – many of the owners who dealt with defects on their new model 3, the electrical limousine gave high overall grades for satisfaction. They gave the highest reviews for the design, performance and some of the unusual software features that contribute to the definition of the Tesla brand. Almost unanimously, 99.6 % of those surveyed said that it was a pleasure to drive Model 3, the type of consensus that is rarely achieved by a consumption product."

Consumeraffairs: Customers are particularly disappointed with the bad service

On the American website consumeraffairs, in which consumers can submit ratings to a wide variety of consumer goods, it looks much darker for Tesla. The 232 customer reviews for Tesla, which have been submitted in the past twelve months, give the company an average rating of only three out of five stars.It is noticeable that almost all reviews have only been awarded one star for Tesla since January 2020. Users particularly often reveal deficiencies that occur after some time with their electricity and complain as often Tesla’s poor customer service and the poor willingness to cooperate in the event of defects, deliveries and in -payment.In summary, it can be said that most buyers are enthusiastic about the driving experience and the software equipment of the Model 3. However, the enthusiasm is reduced by considerable defects in the processing, damage that already existed during delivery and frequently criticized customer service by Teslas.You want to form your own opinion on Teslas Model 3? Now free test drive articles was written by Tobias Stahl
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  1. @Chowaniec
    Delicious Mr. Chowaniec, even with the 2019 list price, Tesla did not achieve any with his cars … Profit!!!! But I can quote,"Quality study by J.D. Power Tesla builds the most susceptible cars" 25.06.20/Watson.CH bad quality: Tesla cars end up in the study in study./ Tesla Model 3 in the expert judgment: "as bad as from the 90s" 10.02.2018./ Computer Image 18.06.20 customers let cars go back Tesla Model Y: Buyers complain about poor quality./ trading newspaper.CH Auto quality: Tesla owners complain of a particularly large number of defects./ 29.06.20 Tesla quality in the USA under fire, alleged battery and computer problems./ Auto Motor und Sport: Tesla Model Y with gOsenser quality problems. Now probably also affected security components. Continue?

  2. Dodge
    Whoever sees Dodge in first place no longer has them all. Dodge is the cheapest of cheap. The only good thing is that they are cheap to repair. Here in the US Tesla sells more than Mercedes and BMW. Used Tesla are expensive. Used German cars have enormous loss of value. Everyone knows that used German cars are ‘money pits’. A support without a floor when it comes to repairing.

  3. Why should Tesla be cheap ?
    If I want a dodge, Camaro or Corvette in the EU, they are also expensive. Not because of the quality, but because of availability. The same applies to Tesla in the USA. Is called supply and demand.

  4. Tesla quality?
    Tesla developed a pioneering drive technology without any state aid and in 2019 that "golden steering wheel" probably for the "bad gaps" (Model 3) received. Appropriately, Tesla has built a nationwide charging infrastructure that is second to none. This car producer does not pour profits from the automotive sold to shareholders, but invests in other production facilities without betting subsidies without the state in order to start subsidies. It’s funny if you in comparison you are praised here in comparison "Premium manufacturer" considered that the winnings, as a matter of course, would like to distribute the costs of each investment on the taxpayer. So the Tesla quality could "Premium" Cut a thick slice

  5. Mrs. Knip
    As I explained above, designated car experts have the Model 3 in both the middle and upper class in 2019 "Golden steering wheel" awarded. So as bad as described here in the forum, the quality cannot be. Probably they have "Experts" Here are your opinion only from hearsay.

  6. No matter whether Tesla…
    …Or any other manufacturer of electric cars: This form of mobility is something for a small group of individualists and has no future due to the lack of charging infrastructure. Therefore, the heading is Reiner nonsense. It should be more like: "What do drivers think about electric cars"…

  7. They still exist, the quality
    I have been driving the same Mercedes SLK for 15 years, as a new purchase and have never had a deficiency since then or has been except the inspections, never unplanned in the workshop. I call that quality.

  8. With Skoda probably only 0.1 errors per 100 vehicles
    I can’t believe what is written here. 250 errors per 100 vehicles in new cars in the USA. Bugger me ! I actually always had 0 mistakes with my new cars.

  9. Tesla as a car never
    Continue my SUV and choose next year, advise whom.,But as a share, super sold, my vacation secured for the next two years if the € does not dissolve.

  10. No comparison to European or Far East cars
    Compared to almost all other renowned vehicle manufacturers, Tesla still manages not to get reasonably passable gaps in the body. An absolute no-go for cars in this price range. Anyone who speaks of quality definitely has blinkers.


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