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Frozen car windows quickly mess up the morning schedule in winter. But how can the annoying scratch be avoided? With these simple and cheap tips, you can start stress -free even on cold winter days.

This is how you avoid frozen windshields

The most famous solution are Duck sprays. However, do not apply this only in the morning when the pane is already frozen, but spray your windshield, rear window and mirror the evening before. The de -icing agents have a lower freezer temperature than water, so they only freeze at significantly lower temperatures and therefore keep the slices ice -free.

Our tip: Save the money for ducks sprays, because you can make these sprays yourself easily and inexpensively. An empty spray bottle and one of the following mixtures do it wonderfully.

  • Vinegar solution: three parts vinegar, part of water
  • Alcohol solution: two parts of high -proof alcohol, part of water
  • Salt solution: four cups distilled water (z.B. from the laundry dryer) and two teaspoons not iodized salt, cooked for 20 minutes.

You should have the mixture of de -icing be sure to store in the house, Since the solution loses effectiveness with a falling temperature.

A trick for which you do not need any additional aids is the right parking. Set your vehicle so that the The windscreen towards the east stands. So it is naturally escaped by the sunrise. Of course, this only works if it only starts after sunrise, enough sun shines and nothing blocks the sun’s radiation.

Last but not least, windshield covers (display) are a simple way to prevent frost. If you do not have a cover on hand, a towel, a piece of carpet, cardboard or a shower curtain can remedy the situation. Ideally, clamp the cover into the front doors so that you do not fly away.

Never scratch again: How to simply keep the car plate frost -free - news-scratch
Site Never scratch again: How to simply keep the car plate frost -free

How to dismiss already frozen slices

Here, too, your homemade comes De -icing spray well -used. Spray the disc with the de -icing agent. Then take the window puller to the hand and pull the disc off with it. Alternatively, wipe the disc off with a soft brush or let the windshield wiper run.

Also Wiper fluid with Frost protection can degenerate the windshield. To do this, switch on the wiper fluid. If you do not have frost protection for your windshield wiper, you can Five tablespoon of cleaning alcohol Add to your wiper fluid tank to remedy this. Since the pressing of the window cleaner always means that the wipers work, you should not use this method too often, because if the wiper drives over the frozen disc, it wears out faster.

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Another problem in winter is inside discs that fog up quickly. With an incredibly simple trick you get rid of these morning worries. You only need old socks and some cat litter.

Lifehack with old socks: never fogged car windows again

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