New annual prices for petrol and diesel

One day was particularly expensive

New annual prices for petrol and diesel

New annual prices for petrol and diesel-best -selling Europe first time

Site/Wochit Internal invoice reveals: In a few months there will be a gasoline price explosion

By increasing demand for fuels and a high tax burden on gasoline, refueling in Germany is becoming increasingly expensive. However, there is also a little ray of hope.

In its current monthly evaluation of fuel prices, the ADAC records new annual highest stands for petrol and diesel in November 2021. For Super E10, an average price of 1.680 euros per liter was determined in November, diesel cost an average of 1.560 euros in the same comparison period. Petrol was 2.9 cents on average, diesel 2.7 cents more expensive than in the previous month. According to the previous highs, both types of fuel reached a new all -time high in October.

1.70 euros per liter of gasoline, 1.57 for diesel

The most expensive fuel day last month was 14 for Super E10. November: Consumers were asked to pay for the cash register with 1.701 euros per liter of petrol. A few days earlier, Diesel was most expensive throughout the month. On 11. November cost a liter of 1.572 euros. For both fuels, the maximum annual values are. Diesel was even more expensive on this day than ever before. The cheapest fueling consumers at the end of the month. On 30. November the price for one liter of Super E10 was 1.634 euros, and 1.537 euros per liter was due for diesel at the petrol pumps.

More than expected: After the Bundestag election, the gasoline price increases to unexpected heights

New annual prices for petrol and diesel-best -selling Europe first time

Site/Wochit More than expected: After the Bundestag election, the gasoline price increases to unexpected heights

Finally slightly declining pinch

Overall, there is currently a slight decline in the fuel prices: Super E10 is currently 3.7 cents cheaper at 1.634 euros per liter than in the previous week. The AutoClub records a similar development in the diesel weekly average. In the federal average, 1.537 euros per liter are currently due, which corresponds to a decline of 1.4 cents in the weekly comparison. (Aum)

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Curriculary loss in Turkey: demonstrations in Istanbul dissolved

New annual prices for petrol and diesel-diesel

Cameraone Curriculary loss in Turkey: demonstrations in Istanbul dissolved

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9 thoughts on “New annual prices for petrol and diesel”

  1. Strange!
    The highest price for a liter of great, which I have at a petrol station in the past few weeks … saw, was at € 1.829. In the meantime I was able to experience the low again, which was in daily 1.559 €. The electricity prices for e-cars have now been fell by mathematically 14.75%?

  2. simple solution
    You drive a car. The electricity price does not change every day, you don’t have to take a detour to a cheap tank. My bunger has a large combined heat and power plant and lets us load electronauts for 22 cents/kWh. Dat LOppet.

  3. Why do you drink cheap wine
    Oh yes because you can’t afford the expensive one. Everything is simply the difference with us humans.

  4. Drive only for rich
    Such prices are indirectly prohibited by a normal citizen. You can no longer afford it. The electricity, food prices are constantly increasing, you feel like Germany after the war. People with low incomes fall by the wayside. The state does and throws it as always. People in Germany are systematically sucked out and the funds are thrown at. We have a corrupt government. This is my personal opinion that I LT. GG hereby external !

  5. The joy is short -lived!
    Why do you actually report in this context as if someone would regret it in any way? The holes tears the holes in the wallet and the rest of our government is happy about increasing fuel prices because the coffers ring. And it does not only stay with fuels, because afterwards the prices for all goods attract. After all, everything has to be transported. And before you are happy because the fuel has become a few cents cheaper again, it should be aware that at the end of this month it will increase again by the CO2 tax. After all, we want to save the world and that costs just a little more than a ball of ice cream.

  6. Climate protection
    We all want climate protection. This works best via the wallet. High prices reduce refueling and thus also the harmful CO2 emissions. Even if some hurt, it has to be. We owe this to future generations.

  7. Joerg Malowicz
    I am happy whenever you let us share your thoughts. Of course you should also think of the following generations! But you once noticed that people did not affect it in front of us? The world was set on fire several times! To enforce any stupid ideologies, it was not interested in how high the CO2 burden was. Saber rattling starts again!

  8. One should
    Do not use upcoming lockdown to say that the fuel price falls again and is not too high. Because only that is the reason for the decline. If the economy would not be afraid, he would continue to rise. Please don’t pretend everything is half as bad. And certainly not the tax increases for this. Because the CO2 price increases that spread in all areas of life come back every year . And what is the excuse then?

  9. Hanne Becker
    If you see it that way, of course that’s so. But the fact is that the fuel has never cost 2,-€ beforehand. And that is important for the consumer what he has to pay and not any statistics. At that time it was whined loud when the 1 DM mark was skipped. Now we cross the 2 euro mark at the latest after New Year’s Eve. So much for memory!


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