New car: minus for electric cars – the hype is over?

New registrations

New car: minus for electric cars – the hype is over?

New car: minus for electric cars - the hype is over?-cars
Ingo Wagner/dpa New cars from Mercedes-Benz and BMW are on the autoterminal of the BLG Logistics Group.

It is not a trend reversal, but more cars were admitted in January than in the previous year’s month. With alternative drives such as electric cars, there is another minus in the market share. This should be mainly due to the manufacturer’s delivery problems.

In Germany, more new cars have been approved for the first time since June than in the same month of the previous year.

184.The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) recorded 112 new registrations in the past month and thus around 8.5 percent more than in January 2021, as the office announced on Thursday. Delivery bottlenecks, especially with electric components, had heavily added to the industry last year.

However, despite the slight relaxation, the situation remains tense from the perspective of experts. The new registrations in January were 25 percent below the pre-crisis level of early 2020, the business consultancy EY announced on Thursday. It is also the third-lowest January value since reunification. "So that’s not a trend reversal," it said.

What is the problem at the e-car shop? Researchers are looking for testers

New car: minus for electric cars - the hype is over?-hype

Site What is the problem at the e-car shop? Researchers are looking for testers

High order stocks

Similarly, the president of the association of international motor vehicle manufacturers, Reinhard Zirpel: "The automotive industry has little reason to take a deep breath at the beginning of the year," he said. However: «The recovery potential is great for the further course of the year because the order stocks are very high. However, the market development depends crucially on the extent to which it is possible to improve the ability to deliver, »says Zirpel.

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Ey, on the other hand, also sees "no good news" in the number of admission to alternative drives. According to the KBA, the number of newly approved fully electric cars rose by more than 28 percent compared to the same month in January. However, if you compare the proportion of battery -electric vehicles in all new registrations, this decreased by around two percentage points to 11.3 percent between December and January. It is the second decline after the proportion rose to a record value of more than 17 percent in November.

VW is poorly equipped in the chip crisis

It remains to be seen whether the decline is only a short setback for the electric industry. At the moment, the manufacturers are primarily trying to supply these customers in the main effort because of the high state support and tax benefits for electric cars and hybrids. But many Stromer have long delivery times. The chip deficiency contributes significantly to this, whereby its effects ultimately affect all drive types. Volkswagen in particular has prepared poorly for the bottleneck and has to go back, while other manufacturers – BMW, Tesla or Toyota – have better grip on their material and production logistics.

E-cars can soon load as quickly as a longer tank stop needs

New car: minus for electric cars - the hype is over?-e-car shop Researchers looking testers

Bit projects E-cars can soon load as quickly as a longer tank stop needs

Traffic lights want 15 million e-cars by 2030

This is mixed news. Because even if the charging station expansion keeps up with the currently expected admission trend, this is by no means sufficient for the 9-year plan of the traffic light coalition. Around 3 million new cars sold must be around 1.6 million electric cars – every year. Because Germany just cracked the million border.As early as 2022, the forecast 850 must.000 electrified vehicles are added to the same number again so that Habecks and Wissing’s ministries can report the planning fulfillment to Federal Chancellor Scholz. It remains questionable whether the plug-in hybrid can still be fully calculated. Because the traffic light coalition wants to go back sharply because depending on the area of application, the vehicles hardly drive with electricity and thus have a much worse ecological balance as promised.

Solar car could crack efficiency record – and should already be on the market in summer

New car: minus for electric cars - the hype is over?-cars

Bit projects Solar car could crack efficiency record – and should already be on the market in summer

Now learn more about the future of mobility

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8 thoughts on “New car: minus for electric cars – the hype is over?”

  1. Hype ?
    There was or is there a hype ? Or is that just extreme "medial" hyped ? You have been reading since ! … There was or is there a hype ? Or is that just extreme "medial" hyped ? One has been reading about astronomical growth rates at the e-cars for years. Where do they actually rum ??? Of course, you can sit a Tesla, Eidii or Taycan every now and then. Compared to the mass of cars on the streets, this is only one "Mosquito shit" !

  2. There are not enough batteries
    If a car manufacturer builds millions of cars a year, but has a year of delivery for the E-Auto, the batteries are missing ! Tesla also set up car production in Berlin, and the batteries will only be manufactured later in Berlin. VW ordered batteries for 40 billion euros years ago. All car manufacturers have to buy. Just because everyone does this at the same time, that leads to bottlenecks. Even Tesla that only builds e-cars has moved the starting signal for the sports car, the cyberruck and the truck backwards due to the lack of batteries. The hesitant behavior of the German car manufacturers could be because the batteries development is going so quickly that the batteries could already be outdated when the factory was completed.

  3. You didn’t believe in it
    The ICE car manufacturers just didn’t believe in the success of the BEV. You see again and again. Ford quadrupled the planned production capacity of the F150 Lightning within a very short time. Audi, even Porsche had to double at the Taycan right from the start. Problem: The long -term battery positions cannot be doubled so easily if everyone does this at the same time.

  4. The internet is so beautiful…
    …If you find the necessary numbers in a matter of seconds, this time from the print colleagues "Auto motor and sports": There are also less shine and gloria in the numbers as a whole. The new e-approvals have increased by 28 percent compared to January 2021. But at the same time, the a total of 20892 new e -approvals mean a coarse crash compared to -57 percent compared to the previous month, 48 a month earlier.436 BEV approved for the first time. Accordingly, the market share of the electric cars fell drastically, from 21.3 percent in December to 11.3 percent in January. That Tesla only a fraction of the December new registrations in January (277 Model 3 instead of over 6.000 reached in the previous month) is probably only an encore with the numbers!

  5. Oh how funny…
    …If Teslafans do not understand or do not want the numerical relationships! This is about making utopian figures as a goal, 15mio. In 2030. Just like the targeted 1mio. E-cars for 2020 February 2022 have not yet been reached, 15mio are. Stay Utopia by 2030. There are 35262 model 3 2021 just a drop on the hot stone!

  6. Site…
    …and numerical gimmicks. They don’t exist the 1mio. Pure electric cars, but at the end of December 2021, according to statistics 604706 BEV that were approved in Germany. This means that until 2030 and targeted 15mio. E-cars still 14395294 vehicles, or. per year 1799411 pieces. In 2021 there were 2.62mio in Germany. Cars approved. This would have to have around 68.7% electric car to contribute to the necessary shares so that in 2030 on 15mio. E-cars come. With the current rising electricity prices, some prospective customers will consider whether they are really getting an electric car!

  7. This is how it looks
    It is also exciting to see that the e-registrations collapse even though the fuel prices are at a record high. The cars are probably not quite the big throw when the width of the masses prefers to drive further burners. But I assume when Grunheide produces first then everyone else can pack up, one way or something like that you like to hear it from blends… Pardon, from fanboys.

  8. 2030
    I am probably too old for my Porschle passion and will drive a little steamed car. But certainly not electrical. Until then, hopefully – as Walter ROhrl would like – there will be synthetic fuels or hydrogen cars. Let’s see. Until then, I stay behind the handlebar where it is fun…


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