New car registrations break in – used cars are more expensive than ever

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New car registrations break in – used cars are more expensive than ever

New car registrations break in - used cars are more expensive than ever-break
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In October, the chip crisis left the new car registrations by 35 percent compared to the previous year. Even the growth in electric cars weakens. For this, the value of used car increases to an all-time high.

The number of new registrations in October decreased by chip deficiency and production cuts in the automotive works. As the Federal Motor Transport Authority announced in Flensburg on Wednesday, 179 were.683 cars approved. That was almost 35 percent less than in October 2020.

Accordingly, the figures declined in all segments, except for motorhomes and in the upper class. Almost 2.2 million cars have been approved since the beginning of the year.

Production in automotive sinks

"The descent of the German car market continued to intensify in October," said the Association of International Motor Motor Construction (VDIK). The background to be worldwide production bottlenecks. Production also decreased in German works, especially because chips are missing, as the Association of the Automotive Industry announced. 237.000 cars still ran off the assembly line, 37 percent less than in October 2020. The consequences: short -time work in many works and long waiting times for new cars at the car dealer.

The used car market also shrinks. 5.7 million were sold in the first ten months, 3.4 percent less than in the same period last year. In October the minus was a good 16 percent.

Checklist for used car purchase: these are the most important tips

New car registrations break in - used cars are more expensive than ever-used

Site Checklist for used car purchase: these are the most important tips

Electrical share decreases easily, but remains the only growth range

Meanwhile, the proportion of electric cars is more high than ever. However, there was also a removal here: "The proportion of electric vehicles on the overall car market reached a new maximum value in October with 30 percent (last year: 18 percent). However, the increase was only 13 percent. According to the figures of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, around 30.600 cars with battery -electric drive (plus 32 percent) re -approved. In addition, about 23 drove.750 new plug-in hybrids (minus 4.5 percent) on the streets" So the Vdik.

It remains unclear whether the minus when growing is due to a falling demand for electricity, on delivery bottlenecks or other reasons. In any case, e-cars are still attractive for commercial buyers because of the high purchase bonuses and the many tax benefits, but also a considerable burden on taxpayers on the other hand.

Used car prices at all -time high

Since the waiting times for new cars are worsening, the price level at used cars increases in return. "On average, a used car cost 24 in October.502 euros – that is 774 euros more than in the previous month and even 3666 euros more than a year ago. The prices for used vehicles climb a new all -time high", Share the Autoscout24 portal.

Two there is always a price increase for used ones in autumn. But this year the situation is special: "The continuously high level of average prices and its dynamic development is new. On the one hand, the reasons can be found in the catch -up effects of the Lockdown in spring 2021. The semiconductor deficiency in the automotive industry is currently being important. This currently breathes the offer for new cars, so that consumers switch to used vehicles – the result is price increases in almost all segments", Says Stefan Schneck, Sales leader Germany at Autoscout24.

Odo in the speedometer: that is behind the abbreviation

New car registrations break in - used cars are more expensive than ever-registrations

Site/Wochit Odo in the speedometer: that is behind the abbreviation

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15 thoughts on “New car registrations break in – used cars are more expensive than ever”

  1. Electrical?
    They are three times as expensive and there are no petrol stations anyway. Why should you get there … electrical?

  2. Because they just
    Are not three times as expensive. Because there are a lot of petrol stations and you just have to think a little to realize that it is much cheaper to drive such an euto.

  3. Real numbers ?
    Since the percentage changes in sales are always posted here: how do you look with the absolute sales figures ? Strangely enough, in real life you can hardly see the Teslas on the streets. Where are the ???? They are not all at the same time when charging, or for example ?

  4. Nobody can tell me seriously that
    The car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW and everyone else cannot produce such chips themselves. For the one thing of a few weeks, this is to produce such a chip factory and would be even cheaper in the long term than to buy it expensive and depending on the dependency…. The Volkswagenwerk in Wolfsburg alone has one in the Sandkamp district "Fe" (Research & Development), Ca 10,000 engineers and designers work there, and nobody can tell me that each individual car manufacturer cannot produce their own chips, and that even self -sufficient

  5. @Lange – "It’s not quite that way, just"
    … applies to German managers & engineers. Tesla has in 3. Quarter 2021 set up a production & delivery record: 240.000 cars were built, more than ever before. Despite the global lack of semiconductors, which seriously restricts the production of German manufacturers. How does Tesla do that? By simply producing the chips that are missing on the world market. Marc is right.

  6. Now have to
    We only prohibit the re -registration of used ones, then this also works with the energy transition. Then we go back to foot

  7. @Hermann Sochgen
    Used combustion engines will not be affected within the EU, d.H. They can also be exported after 2025. In addition, various regulations regarding the registration conditions will apply to new cars within the EU. There will be no valuable expropriation of trade in used cars. Most states outside the EU are not interested in this anyway.

  8. In June I was smiled at when I was…
    …we ordered our new car. Leasing runs until mid -May 2022. Delivery date is now on the 2. Quarter 22 confirmed. That can mean a lot. Friends should get the new car at the end of January, now they are already at April 22. I myself work with an automotive supplier and calls go back and forth. Because these chips are simply not so available. A friend’s brother -in -law either had the choice or got the car now, but without radio, navigation system, etc. Is then retrofitted! And then a new government under R/G (we forget the f) will contribute to the fact that even fewer new cars are sold and the prices of the used ones continue to increase!!!

  9. Failure of a complete industry
    The OEMs whine at a high level. They sell the margin -strong cars and send the employees into short -time work at state costs. The taxpayer should still pay for this. I only have with the suppliers like that of them, not with the OEMs, because they deliberately conjured up the situation with their just-in-time. Do not want to pay anything, cancel orders and now whine!

  10. Numbers from the KBA press release
    Changes compared to the previous year: Tesla +483%, BMW -16%, VW -40%, Mercedes: -45%, Audi: -58%. If you have the wrong product range here with the German manufacturers?

  11. Give the absolute numbers
    In the end it is an increase from 1 to 5 … You rarely see Teslas on motorways, they are not allowed to do it? 60km/h should be fully charged.

  12. Everything was there, just worse
    Waiting for 12 years Uffn Trabbi, paying more for a 10 -year -old Trabbi more than the new price at the time, or only paying for four digits for the papers of a car. Was there in the GDR. Is not that far yet…clear. But will come under red/green. And you will be back "reasons" Find….

  13. And pretty
    comes the next tax income problem. Less production new cars, less sales, less tax payment from the auto industry. In 2020 it was around 93.4 billion euros. The reduction will be noticeable in the state budget. And if you consider that the 1.8 million jobs are directly or indirectly dependent on car production, you can imagine in which direction it continues.(There are also less revenues on SV contributions, pension, KK U. Ark.loose.) of lower earnings from the AN by short -time work money (FF. possibly. Tax payment) not to mention)

  14. It’s just the beginning
    What do you think how the used car prices only develop when a/the sales ban for combustion new vehicles moves within reach? Daily registrations with 0 km will exceed list prices far…

  15. Supposedly should already have on the/from January 2025
    Be that this sale and admission ban for or rather against combustion vehicles, i.e. diesel and petrol engine, should come


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