New catalog of fines: lawn and wrong parking will be significantly more expensive

Attention, drivers!

55 instead of 15 euros for the nodule – the new catalog of fines has it all

New catalog of fines: lawn and wrong parking will be significantly more expensive-wrong

Site/Wochit 55 instead of 15 euros for the nodule – the new catalog of fines has it all

New changes to the catalog of fines were decided on Friday. It will be significantly more expensive for drivers from November, cyclists should be better protected. However, the "driving ban hammer" of the Greens is not implemented.

For traffic offenders and speeders, it will probably be much more expensive this year. For example, this also applies to parking violations. Cyclists and pedestrians should be better protected.After a long dispute between the federal and state governments, the Federal Council recommended that the regulation of the Federal Ministry of Transport agree on Friday.According to the ordinance, the changes to the office catalog come into force three weeks after the announcement – for adequate "preparation of the practical implementation". Called: From November, drivers have to be careful, If you don’t want to be involuntarily shoveling money into the state treasury.

Painful fines as a signal and source of income

In any case, Germany’s driver will have to dig deeper into their pockets in the future. These are the specific new regulations of the catalog of fines:

  • Drivers who generally Holding or parking ban According to the catalog under the windshield wiper, a nodule of up to 55 euros will take place instead of up to 15 euros as before.
  • Who urban 16 or 20 kilometers per hour (km/h) drives and flashed too quickly, which pays 70 euros soon instead of 35. The faster, the more expensive: drivers who ride around 91 km/h instead of the permitted 50 km/h through the city, if they are caught, 400 instead of 200 euros, and so on.
  • Anyone who parks unjustifiably in a severely disabled car park must expect a fine of 55 instead of 35 euros as before.
  • Anyone who parks an officially marked fire brigade access or a ambulance must expect 100 euros in fine with 100 euros.
  • Brand new: unauthorized parking In a parking lot for electrically operated vehicles and car sharing vehicles result in a warning money of 55 euros.
  • If you do not form a rescue alley or even use it yourself for faster progress, you have to expect a fine of between 200 and 320 euros and a month of driving ban.
  • Truck drivers who violate the newly introduced obligation to drive the truck with the truck when turning right in the city at a walking speed are requested to checkout at 70 euros.
  • The use of sidewalks, bike paths and hard shoulder Vehicles are punished instead of up to 25 euros with up to 100 euros.
  • Attention auto-posers: The fine for the cause of unnecessary noise and avoidable exhaust pollution as well as the annoying useless back and forth is raised from up to 20 euros to up to 100 euros.

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Greens jump over their shadows

The new regulations and the painful fines are a clear signal of drivers to adhere to speed limits, said the chairwoman of the Conference of Transport Ministers (VKM), Bremen’s Mobility Senator Maike Schaefer (Greens). “We know that excessive speed is the most common cause of the accident. Catalog of fines and road traffic regulations are ultimately traffic -related measures for mutual consideration.“Schaefer praised the compromise between the federal and state governments found in April as a“ real breakthrough ”, in which one had agreed across party colors. There had been a long scramble before. Due to a formal error, stricter fines in the new road traffic regulations had been completed last year.

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Green praise for Scheuer

Schaefer said transport minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) also played a constructive role. “It was a mutual taking and giving.“The Greens, who originally wanted more sharper rules for a driver’s license withdrawal, jumped over their shadow. Scheuer showed itself ready for compromise when increasing the fines. Driver associations, especially the automobile club "Mobile in Germany", Although higher fines had accepted, but criticized the driving ban required by the Greens . The Bicycle Association ADFC also criticized the new catalog of fines, but for a completely different reason: the punitive measures against drivers do not go far enough.

New catalog of fines: lawn and wrong parking will be significantly more expensive-parking
Cattle man This will now be expensive: If you park an electric car charging station with a non-electric car, you risk 55 euros

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New catalog of fines: lawn and wrong parking will be significantly more expensive-catalog

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New catalog of fines: lawn and wrong parking will be significantly more expensive-lawn

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13 thoughts on “New catalog of fines: lawn and wrong parking will be significantly more expensive”

  1. Yes, drivers should be asked to checkout, ..
    ….When it has committed an administrative offense. A lot of cycling and e-scooter drivers … Do not only behave completely wrong in road traffic, but also ruthless and self -threatening. Here I lack the approach to improve this misconduct. Do not always point to the drivers with your finger.

  2. Love Greens
    Please also protect the pedestrians from the Radrowdys and Roller Rambos.Correct the license plates on the bicycles and properly with red light versions.The same applies to that "Drive"From pedestrian zones.

  3. Dear Greens
    If you are now a government party, just take care of the driving bans on a second attempt, and if you are aware that excessive speed leads to accidents, Sort for a speed limit of 30 in the city, 80 on country roads and 120 on the highway. Is not only good for humans but also the environment!!

  4. On the horn
    I am already looking forward to the truck’s legs can only drive right -wing speed. Then exactly one vehicle comes over the traffic lights, namely the truck.

  5. Sure, that had to come
    In order to be able to finance all planned brain brushes of the future, these very productive robber knobs had to be increased. Only none believes that a lot will change. Only the state dungeon and greed for money (to be able to throw the money out of the window to others) are satisfied with this.

  6. Money source drivers
    The catalog of fines was adjusted… Of course, after the BGH prohibited the municipalities in January continued to measure with devices that indicated the actual speed by up to 48kmh higher, the resulting must " loss of earnings" yes to be equalized again. It is also interesting that the manufacturer of the measuring devices already pointed out the municipalities and counties in 2018!

  7. I miss in the fine catalog
    A violent punishment for cyclists who z. B. Do not use expensive bike paths or ignore pedestrian paths. Who believe that regulations do not apply to them. These nonsense e-scooters must also be forced to finally observe regulations. I have the feeling that the stupid Andy only wants to rip off drivers.

  8. Difficult
    Often it is not entirely clear where the bike path is, or it is in a dilapidated state, or as this morning is as intelligently parked by an SUV that you have to go to the street. Of course, the regulatory office does not see something like that, they are somewhere else.

  9. Completely past life ..
    … we hide failure when creating a contemporary infrastructure. I shouldn’t be surprised if "the citizen" sees the measure and the receipts come. Even what looks like a great election victory is nothing more than the resentment of the citizens against the "big" popular parties. And we have to see what the traffic light brings together. We just need a policy for the citizen. It is our country and not the opportunity for politicians to make themselves powerful and rich.

  10. Much too mild
    When will finally get fines that hurt? Only if it really hurts changes in the mind. Very many belongs to the rag forever.

  11. It
    Would also be socially just not only to request money! My proposal, a month of driving a month, which has started, then you also consider this with the wrong parking, etc…..

  12. Incredible this rip -off of the politicians
    the car driver! Sanction must be but you have to leave the church in the village! How much money you want to get out of the cross to the German citizens in order to give it away all over the world afterwards? More and more acquaintances of me are now relying on radar warning! This technology is now very sophisticated and against this background you can save a lot of money! Of course I would never use something like that, because I always adhere exactly to the prescribed speed with my 400 PS-Porsche! The recommendation comes from a friend!

  13. The higher fines often hit the wrong.
    Low -income people are relieved relatively stronger. Those who can afford it will hardly change their behavior. 100 € more or less should not care about this group of people. Here a fine, like in Scandinavian countries, would help, to remedy this. The possible objection I would speak the word here for social envy, does not pull here. A punishment of the administrative offense according to daily rati.


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