New City Flitzer: Hopper Mobility concludes financing round

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New City Flitzer: Hopper Mobility concludes financing round-mobility

The Augsburg tech startup Hopper Mobility has successfully completed a first round of financing. A group of investors is now to invest a high six-figure sum in the company as part of the pre-seed financing. Since it was founded in 2019, Hopper Mobility has been developing an innovative mobility solution for sustainable, urban individual transport with the “Hopper”. Positioned between e-bike and car, the concept convinces with minimal operating costs and low CO2 emissions.The official market launch is planned for 2023, and a first pre-series for pilot customers is already being developed.

The hopper combines the advantages of cars and bicycles in one concept. Thanks to the bike path approval, you can easily get past the traffic jams in the city – at up to 25 km/h. The three-wheel structure with rear-wheel steering brings a high degree of flexibility, even in narrow urban areas. It is usually steered with a steering wheel. Thanks to its compact design, according to the startup, there is a place to park almost anywhere. With its 90-degree steering, the hopper has a small turning circle of just two meters. At the same time, the futuristic driver’s cab offers protection from wind and weather. Optionally, the sides can be completely closed with transparent tarpaulins. By the way: A driver’s license is not required so far – according to the manufacturer, registration, vehicle taxes and insurance would also be eliminated.

In addition to its innovative concept with many advantages for comfortable and flexible mobility, the hopper also reduces the burden on the environment to an above-average extent compared to a car. According to the hopper, it only needs 2 kWh/100 km. Compared to conventional electric cars, this is only one seventh of the electricity consumption over the same distance (cf.: Electric cars tested by ADAC consume between 16.3 and 29.2 kWh/100 km, depending on the model). Incidentally, the range is up to 60 kilometers and can be doubled to up to 120 kilometers with an optional additional battery. The batteries are removable and can be charged at any power outlet. As an extension, a solar panel is even planned on the roof for almost energy self-sufficient operation (up to 5 km additional range per hour of sunshine). Electricity for driving “around the corner” would hardly cost any money in summer – that’s clever.

New City Flitzer: Hopper Mobility concludes financing round-mobilityImage: Hopper Mobility

There are already requests for 200 vehicles

“We are assuming that there will be a significantly growing need for environmentally friendly and practical concepts for individual mobility in the city. Although there is only one test model so far, we already have inquiries for more than 200 vehicles,” says Martin Halama, co-founder and project manager of Hopper Mobility GmbH. The hopper can accommodate two adults or one adult and two children. And the little speedster also has a trunk: with an acceptable capacity of 70 to 220 liters. “With the Hopper, we are addressing the target group of inner-city commuters who want to get to their destination quickly, ecologically and comfortably. In addition, the hopper is ideal for sharing offers in companies and municipalities,” explains Georg Schieren, one of the four founders of Hopper Mobility GmbH, who is also responsible for marketing.

The startup consistently focuses on resource conservation and avoidance of unnecessary emissions. “We are firmly convinced that future mobility can be CO2-neutral and sustainable. We want to prove that with the hopper,” says Torben Muller-Hansen, another founder of Hopper Mobility GmbH. The goal is to build fair and sustainable supply chains and to use recyclable materials wherever possible. The use of few components and especially few moving parts should improve the longevity of the product. In addition, production is planned in Germany – predicate: “Made in Germany”.

“With the money of the first round of financing, we will complete prototype development and enable the first test drives. In addition, we will continue to expand our team in order to accelerate the development course,” explains Philipp Herrmann, the fourth founder. According to Hopper Mobility, it is planning a second, larger round of financing for 2023 in order to set up series production. To this end, the founders are already making contact with interested financiers and partners.

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4 thoughts on “New City Flitzer: Hopper Mobility concludes financing round”

  1. For the city of the future I would like a covered pedelec with 4 wheels, front wheel steering, closed from below and without a chain. In addition, doors that can be adjusted from airy in summer to tight in winter and a trunk for the small weekly shop. And all for 8th.000 euros.

  2. ..this will be fun on cycle paths in the fight for centimeters with cyclists, cargo or. Child transport bikes and e-scooters. And on the street, because this exhibition vehicle will only be found there, it will stoke the aggression of drivers. I ride both cyclists and cars, as well as using public transport, depending on what fits. Suggestion: the part can be optimally used at airports, trade fairs and in spa parks. In Munster, Freiburg or Heidelberg there is only trouble with it.
    Good ride,
    Greetings Thomas

  3. Cool concept

    if cities become more and more car-free in the future, we need more such vehicles because not everyone can and wants to cycle 🙂


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