New e-car registrations in 2021: Tesla twice ahead of VW on the podium

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New e-car registrations in 2021: Tesla twice ahead of VW on the podium-tesla

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has published the new registration statistics for 2021. According to this, a total of 2.62 million new cars came onto the roads last year, which is -10.1 percent less than in 2020.

The alternative drive types defied this negative trend and closed the year 2021 almost exclusively with positive signs, according to the KBA in a recent press release. 355.With a share of 13.6 percent, 961 purely electric passenger cars (BEV) show an increase of +83.3 percent. 754.588 hybrid vehicles (+43.0 percent) achieved a share of 28.8 percent, including 325.449 plug-in hybrids (+62.3 percent) had a share of 12.4 percent. In 2021, LPG-powered passenger cars (10th.118 / +54.6 percent) with a share of 0.4 percent and natural gas-powered cars (3916 / -45.3 percent) with 0.1 percent.

The Tesla Model 3 leads the top ten most successful electric car models with a good 35.000 new registrations. The now no longer available VW e-Up! ended up almost 31.000 registrations in second place, followed by the VW ID.3 with a good 27.000 first registrations.
  1. Tesla Model 3 (35.262)
  2. VW e Up! (30.797)
  3. VW ID.3 (26.693)
  4. Renault Zoe (24.736)
  5. Smart EQ ForTwo (17.409)
  6. Hyundai Kona Electric (17th.240)
  7. Skoda Enyaq iV (13.026)
  8. VW ID.4 (12.734)
  9. Fiat 500 (12th.516)
  10. BMW i3 (12th.178)

Among the German brands, the number of new registrations showed a double-digit increase for Smart (+49.7 percent) and Opel (+10.7 percent). Porsche (+9.9 percent) was also able to close the annual balance sheet with a positive sign. All other German brands saw a decline in 2021, which was most noticeable for Ford at -35.0 percent, followed by Mercedes at -25.7 percent. Despite a decline (-6.8 percent), VW remained the market leader with a share of 18.7 percent.

Polestar and Tesla with triple-digit growth rates

The annual results for the imported brands varied. The brands Polestar with +153.2 percent and Tesla with +137.9 percent were able to record three-digit growth in the annual balance sheet. Suzuki achieved double-digit growth of +22.1 percent. Kia (+2.4 percent) and Hyundai (+1.5 percent) achieved single-digit growth in new registrations. For the other imported brands, the annual balance showed declining registration figures, which were most noticeable for Jaguar at -39.0 percent, followed by Honda at -32.4 percent. Skoda (5.7 percent) continued to have the largest share of new registrations among the import brands, followed by Seat and Hyundai (4.1 percent each) and Renault (4.0 percent).

A good three quarters of all new registrations were in the SUV (25.4 percent), compact class (17.5 percent), small car (14.3 percent), off-road vehicle (10.7 percent) and mid-size (10.3 percent) segments. The most significant growth was seen in the minis (+16.5 percent), the luxury class (+8.4 percent), the SUVs (+7.5 percent) and mobile homes (+4.4 percent).

Fossil drives clearly declining

The proportion of gasoline powered cars (972.588 / -28.6 percent) at 37.1 percent was well below the previous year’s level (46.7 percent); the proportion of diesel powered cars (524.446 / -36.0 percent) In the annual balance, only 20 percent (previous year: 28.1 percent).

In 2021, 65.4 percent (-6.5 percent) of the new car commercial and 34.6 percent (-16.3 percent) were approved privately. And also in the painting, the KBA book: The preferred colors in new car purchase continued gray / silver (29.8 percent) and black (24.7 percent). The proportion of white cars was also at the previous year’s level (21.5 percent).

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  1. VW will certainly not deny that because you are on your way anyway and it is not style of the house. And above all, therefore, not because the triplets are not their future. Nevertheless, they did what they could and the triplets are the best-selling electric car in Germany. Because they are all three structurally identical and roll off the same line one after the other, Seat Mii, Skoda Citygo E and VW e-up.

  2. Right in the second sentence:

    Accordingly, a total of 2.62 million new cars came onto the roads last year, which is -10.1 percent less than 2020.

    If the request is allowed:
    How so “-10.1 percent less”?
    It’s more like “10 percent less” 😛

  3. The fact that the ID3 is not even at the top of the BEVs in the home market of Germany is a bit worrying – but okey, if you add up the vehicles on the same platform, VW is ahead with the MEB kit


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