New Fiat 500 Electric debut as limited convertible

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New Fiat 500 Electric debut as limited convertible-limited

The new Fiat 500 is now available worldwide as electric car after a small series production for the US market. The development of the new Fiat 500 started with the proverbial white sheet of paper. The engineers could rethink every single component of the vehicle and decide for the best solution. There were reach and loading times, the two main interests of the buyers of electric cars, at the top of the specification. The new Fiat 500 has lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 42 kWh on board. They enable a range of up to 320 kilometers, measured by the new WLTP standard.

The electric drive of the new Fiat 500 has a power of 87 kW (comparable to 118 hp). This allows acceleration from the stand to 50 km / h in 3.1 seconds possible, Tempo 100 is reached after 9.0 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 150 km / h. The price for the new Fiat 500 in the limited convertible version “La Prima” is – including the home charging station Easy Wallbox – 37.900 euros, he can now be reserved on the homepage of Fiat. Which other versions and for which price these are planned, Fiat has not yet revealed.

To optimize the charging time, the new Fiat 500 is equipped with a fast load system, which allows a charging power of up to 85 kW. When fast-loading on corresponding columns, the batteries are charged far enough after only five minutes, to drive around 50 kilometers – more than the average daily route. In just 35 minutes, the battery is 80 percent charged. The new Fiat 500 is equipped with a CCS2 port (COMBO 2), which allows loading both with equal and alternating current. In addition, a fashion 3 cable is on board, loading at public stations with up to 11 kW.

New Fiat 500 Electric debut as limited convertible-electricFiat

For the market launch of the purely electrical 500er, Fiat also offers solutions for home charging stations. The start series of the new Fiat 500 is sold together with an Easy Wallbox, which is connected to a conventional 230 volt socket. Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) has developed this technology together with Engie EPS, a leading specialist for energy storage systems and micronets. The Easy Wallbox in Europe is marketed by Mopar. In the basic configuration, the charging option allows for charging the batteries of the Fiat 500 with up to 3 kW, the control of the charging process takes place via Bluetooth.

The new Fiat 500 provides three driving steps: Normal, Range and Sherpa. In Sherpa mode, named after the legendary mountain guides from the Himalaya, the entire system is then configured to achieve the greatest possible range. For example, it is ensured that a destination programmed in the navigation system or the nearest charging station is achieved. For this purpose, a whole series of factors is adjusted. Thus, the Sherpa mode limits the maximum driving speed to 80 km / h, the implementation of the feedback commands is particularly gentle and additional consumers such as air conditioning or seat heaters are automatically switched off. You can be activated when needed.

In the normal mode, the new Fiat 500 is almost like a conventional vehicle with internal combustion engine. If the driving program selector switch is on Range, in principle only the accelerator pedal must be pressed. Release of the accelerator pedal triggers a braking operation without having to catch the brake pedal. With a little exercise it is so possible to move the new Fiat 500 only with the accelerator pedal. The brake pedal is only required to bring the vehicle to complete standstill.

Autonomous Driving Level 2 and Connectivity

The new Fiat 500 also brings autonomous driving Level 2 into the segment of CityCars and thus the corresponding benefits in urban mobility. To the necessary systems include, for example, cameras that monitor the area around longitudinal and transverse axis of the vehicle. The Intelligent Adaptive Speed Control (Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control IACC) reacts with brakes or acceleration not only taking into account other vehicles, but also of cyclists and pedestrians. The lane-holding assistant (Lane Centering) holds the new Fiat 500 in the middle of the lane, if this is precisely defined by lines.

The intelligent speed wizard detects signs for speed limits and asks to comply with them. The further developed Dead Angle Assistant (Urban Blind Spot) uses ultrasonic sensors to detect objects in the dead angle of the exterior mirrors and activates a corresponding warning signal in the form of a triangle on the mirror surfaces. The Fatigue Wizard (Attention Assist) detects concentration defects in the driver and recommends a break by activating a corresponding symbol. In addition, the new Fiat 500 is equipped with “360 ° Drone View”, a 360 degree camera system, which builds a picture for example at ParkManOvern as if a drone is floating over the vehicle.

New Fiat 500 Electric debut as limited convertible-limitedFiat

The third generation of the Fiat 500 is the first model of FCA with the infotainment system UConnect 5. Building on the almost unlimited customizable operating system Android Automotive, UConnect 5 generates a novel user experience. For example, with widgets, the graphical representation of functions and applications can be freely designed. This technology also allows the comfortable integration of smartphones and is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Car. UConnect 5 is controlled by a high-resolution touchscreen with a screen diagonal of 10.25 inches (26 centimeters) in format 16: 9, which is integrated into the dashboard of the new Fiat 500.

Style and design

The new Fiat 500 has a very own style that combines the factor mobility of the future with design elements of the two previous model generations. On the basis of 63 years of history, the new Fiat 500 embodies a modern and iconic CityCar, then Fiat in a current message. The Centro Styles Fiat gave the new Fiat 500 a particularly clear line. The third generation of the series is crisp, modern and compact, at the same time sweeping and more elegant. The slightly larger body should give even more space, stability and presence.

New Fiat 500 Electric debut as limited convertible-convertibleFiat

The interior of the electrically powered Fiat 500 was completely redesigned. He shows denials to the first model generation, has become more elegant. The Centro Styles Fiat designed a formally strict, aesthetic and clear interior. Examples of this are the slender dashboard in the width, slender fitting panel and the modular storage surfaces on the space-free seat between the front seats, which significantly increase the comfort significantly increases. Also shoulders and legs have more space in the new Fiat 500. The lithium-ion batteries are mounted under the flat vehicle floor, so the trunk remains in full screen. The result is a sophisticated and tidy interior, with fewer control buttons and harmonious lines that symbolize sustainability.

Emission-free cabriolet

The first model variant of the new Fiat 500 is the Opening Edition “La Prima” as Cabriolet – the first emission-free Cabriolet with four seats. Suitable for the sustainability strategy of the new Fiat 500 is also the color palette on nature. There are three colors: the earthy mineral gray metallic, reminiscent of the sea ocean green with pearlescent effect and the three-layer paint sky blue, which is inspired by the sky. The exclusive details of the first 500 vehicles of the new Fiat 500 “La Prima” include the SoftTop with Fiat Monogram and a plaque with the production number and the country of destination of the vehicle in addition to the 85 kW fast load technology.

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