New gigafactories to double Tesla production capacity

New gigafactories to double Tesla production capacity-capacity

The demand for Tesla vehicles is unbroken worldwide. Production is barely keeping up and Tesla shares have been on a roller coaster since the fall. Anyone who orders a Tesla today sometimes has to wait up to a year for delivery, even though around 1 million vehicles currently leave the production lines every year.

Wall Street analysts assume that Tesla will double its global production capacity by the end of 2022, and two new factories are already in the starting blocks: Austin, Texas and Grunheide near Berlin. Production capacity in Shanghai, Fremont and Nevada will also be increased and new locations will be sought worldwide. “We believe that by the end of 2022 Tesla will be able to produce 2 million vehicles per year,” said Wall Street analyst and managing director of Wedbush Securities Daniel Ives. Ives is ranked number 22 under 7 in America.756 analysts led, with an average return of 36%. The start of production in Texas and Germany should help alleviate problems at the plants in Fremont and Shanghai. There were production errors and recalls due to malfunctions in the software. Tesla is currently trying to correct the image and restore trust with image videos – in which, for example, rare pictures of battery production in Shanghai can be seen.

If the Model Y for the German market is produced in Grunheide from 2022, China will be able to focus more on the local market. The plant in Shanghai is in the middle of the world’s largest electromobility market, but the export rate is very high.

With the doubling of the production capacity, Ives also expects a higher share price between 1.400 and 1.800 dollars. It is currently at 1.100 dollars.

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6 thoughts on “New gigafactories to double Tesla production capacity”

  1. Doubling is probably a bit of an understatement when you consider the maximum production capacity you are aiming for 🙂

    For TeslaQ to calculate:

    Tesla Shanghai: currently leaving everyone 47 seconds a vehicle the factory 🙂

    Tesla Shanghai continues to grow 🙂

    Tesla Shanghai produces faster than Tesla Freemont (only with rear gigacasting)

    Tesla Grunheide will be bigger than Tesla Shanghai

    Tesla Grunheide will be even faster than Tesla Shanghai (rear & front gigacasting)

    Tesla Austin is even bigger than Tesla Grunheide

    Tesla Austin……..

    Tesla ? maybe even bigger & even faster…..

    Do the math 🙂

    Time will tell – the main thing is electric!

  2. It used to be that other manufacturers could sit back and say, “Tesla‘s EVs may be all well and good and eco-friendly, but they don’t make profits” — but for some time Tesla has been showing that there are good profits to be made from EVs, too.

    These profits are the driving force behind the market economy and, in the future, also for e-cars, because it is slowly dawning on all manufacturers that profits will bubble up with increasing sales of e-cars, while there will be no flower pot to be won with combustion engines in the future.

    Manufacturers will also have to build small e-cars, as there will soon be no more space for large SUVs in cities and customers could become scarce because they don’t know what to do with 2 tons of sheet metal.

    Tesla was the pioneer of electric cars in this century and he shows what the future of vehicle manufacturers looks like with giga factories, green electricity and battery production – imitation recommended.
  3. hats off! Establishing a new brand, generating such high demand with a minimum of advertising spend is truly a feat. From morning to evening you are bombarded with car advertising. Hundreds of millions are thrown away for products that are still moderately in demand… All the more hats off to Tesla.

  4. The daydreams of Tesla fans go on and on. Yes, electromobility is booming. And yes, Tesla will benefit too. But I think the dream of world domination is long overdue. The classic manufacturers will change their clientele in peace. They already see that, will work. Do not surprise me, I just ordered company cars, all Electric, all Mercedes.

  5. Hello David wanted to inform you very personally for Teslafanboys great numbers for 2021:

    2021 Q4: 308600
    2021 Total: 936172

    Now let’s wait for the rest of the world to deliver in the area of BEV.

    When winning Pro Bev then separates the chaff of wheat &# 128521;

  6. All right and beautiful, but whether the production in the new works is so fast I would like to doubt. In 2023 it will probably really start when the battery factory is done in Berlin.


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